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Sophie's Choice

I have started on another Sophie. My roommate requested one after she saw mine. I am happy to make another because it was quick and fun to make. I'll post pictures soon!

The yarn: Peruvian Collection Highland Wool in Starlight Blue, Peridot & Autumn Purple

The skills: I want to improve my knitting skills, so I thought I would try a new way to join yarn. I tried the Russian Join last night. I haven't perfected it ... but I am excited that I won't have all of those ends to weave in. (That was my pet peeve on the last purse)


Race for the Cure

I just registered for the Detroit Race for the Cure ! Just thought I'd share the news.


Sophie Felted Purse - Completed!

My dad saw the purse and said, "Is that boiled wool?" Hmmm ... I guess it is. : )

Sophie was such a fun and easy pattern! Absolutely perfect for a first felting project. I am really happy with it! I took a dozen pictures and this is the best one. It is not great, I know! But the morning sun shining in helps to accurately capture the colors.

Size info: Pre-felting = 9 inches high, 7 inches on top and 9.5 inches across the bottom Post-felting= 6 inches high, 6 inches on top and 8.5 inches across the bottom


Blocking Sophie

Felting & blocking looks to be a success so far!

It only took about 1 & 1/2 cycles in the washing machine. I put Sophie in a pillowcase and washed her on the hot wash/cold rinse cycle with an old pair of jeans with a bit of Dawn dishsoap. To block, I stuffed her with 4 or 5 washcloths. I can't wait for her to dry!

It has been really hard to capture Sophie's true color so far. I like this picture, because you can actually tell that she is celery green, not grey or khaki.


Sophie skills

As a beginner knitter I am picking up new knitting skills all the time. On the Sophie project, I was instructed to attach the i-cord using Kitchener stitch (a new skill!).

I was feeling a little intimidated, so I whipped out my handy SnB Handbook. It was super helpful ... but I also found an online video that was great!

There are a ton of helpful videos at http://www.knittinghelp.com/ ... I highly recommend!


Sophie Purse

I have started my 1st felting project. It is the Sophie purse from MagKnits.

When I saw it, I decided that I must have one of my own. So, I went to elann.com and bought some Peruvian Highland Wool. I hope to photograph my progress and post some pictures soon.

Happy Knitting ... : )