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What's next on the needles?

I started another umbilical cord hat. My friend Stacie just found out that she is having a boy, so I thought I'd knit one up as a gift. I was excited about the cute pale blue, yellow, green and white yarn I had found to make it with. But now that I am about half way done ... I do not like the pattern that the yarn is making. It is cute and stripey on the front and back sides of the hat, but all the white ends up on the sides. I am not happy with it. Since I have come this far, I will probably just finish it. But I do not think it is "congrats on being pregnant - you're having a boy!" gift material. What a bummer!

I have more wool to use up, so I may try another felted purse project. There are a lot of cute ones that I'd like to try. I feel like I need to try something new.

In other news ... did any one see Tom Cruise on the TODAY Show this morning? He is a lunatic! Who does he think he is? Honestly! If you didn't see it - check out You Can't Make it Up for the transcript. When did he become an expert in the field of Psychiatry? I love the part when he tells Matt Lauer that Matt is "glib" and doesn't even know what Ritalin is! But Tom does - he knows these things! So freakin' annoying ...


Blogger Mayarn said...

Tom Cruise is nutso. The phrase "you can't make it up" is very suiting for him.

Small projects are very good for summer, no? though the heatwave doesn't really inspire knitting...good luck!

June 27, 2005 4:58 PM


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