A place for my knitting ramblings ...


The only knitting I have had time to do ...

... is un-knitting! I sat down on Monday night to watch Finding Neverland and to knit a 2nd mitten to complete the pair. The thumb of the original mitten (see below) was looking a bit pointy and I decided to rip it out & fix it. Thirty minutes later, I had frogged the whole thing. I am kind of bummed. But I will start over and re-work the pattern for the thumb and see if I can get a better final product!

Rest in peace little Mitten!


Mel & Pat ... you are the best!

My roommate and my boyfriend threw me a little party to celebrate my graduation. It was a beautiful day and a lot of wonderful friends and family showed up for food & fun.

Thank you so much! I had a blast and I really appreciate all the hard work and planning. But thanks most of all for your friendship. xoxo


Weblog survey

Whenever I see the results from a poll in a magazine or on TV, I get a little miffed because "no one asked me." Which therefore means that I have no faith in the results of their survey. This could stem from a college job doing survey research about cancer by phone or maybe it is just jealousy. I want to be asked! It has only gotten worse lately, as the last class I took was called Research. So now, I have been asked and ...

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

MIT is doing some research about weblog authors. Support their research efforts & participate!


A career as a librarian ...

At the end of June, I completed my Master of Library & Information Science degree. I interviewed for 4 library jobs and I am pleased to say that I got one of them!!! Starting on Monday ... I will be the Youth Services Librarian at a public library.

I am super excited for a number of reasons:
  • I will have the opportunity to work with children again
  • It's a full-time position, which seems to be rare in Metro Detroit libraries as of late (I guess a lot of libraries are hiring p/t librarians without benefits to save $)
  • The library is small - which I think will be really neat!
  • It is close ~ only 6 miles from my house
  • Now I can actually be a member of the "Librarians who Knit" web ring


It was a "no knitting" kind of weekend ...

I did not knit a single stitch this weekend! Oh wait - that is a lie. I gave Stacie the umbilical cord hat that I knit. As I was about to put it into a gift bag, I realized that I still needed to weave in the ends. But that was it ... not a single stitch more. Her baby is due in November ... I can't wait to see him wear the hat!

Instead of knitting:

  • I saw March of the Penguins with Pat & Mel. It was good - except for the penguin love-making scene that made me a little uncomfortable. It tells an amazing story of long distances travelled and the harsh weather that the emporer penguins withstand to bring a baby into this world. Pretty touching stuff.
    march of the penguins
  • My friends were in town from NYC, so we went out to lunch and then baby clothes shopping. Found some really cute gifts!
  • On Sunday, I did a lot of chores around the house and made a raspberry bar dessert-y thing. YUM!


First finished mitten

I realize that it is not really the time of year to knit mittens. But I bought this yarn in the winter to make a scarf. I discovered that I liked it best knit in stockinette stitch, but the scarf curled into a tube ... and that was not cute. About a week ago, I busted out that unfinished scarf and came up with the idea to knit mittens out of the yarn. Tonight, I finished one (and hopefully I will have some time to complete the other this weekend). Here it is ... I think it is pretty cute!


She's crafty ...

I just watched Napoleon Dynamite again. So funny! I took a quiz to see which character I am.


Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?

(Pat is Kip ... ewwww!!!)


Knittin' Mittens

So ... I took my 1st stab at knitting mittens this weekend. I had a pattern. I had some yarn. But they did not go together! I tried to kind of make it up as I went along (using the pattern as a general guide) and see what happened. Well ... let's just say the "final" product has been frogged. However, I was pretty darn close! I am going to start over and cast on a few less stitches and make the mitten a little bit longer and I should have a FO that will be darn cute!