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Hot fun in the summertime

Fun with friends, fun with the BF and fun with knitting!

Fun with friends 1.) went to Ann Arbor w/ Todd, Kristin, Goldie & Pat, ate lunch at Zingerman's (YUM!), walked around town, went to Urban Outfitters and had Ben & Jerry's ice cream 2.) visited Ruby & Jeff's beautiful new home in Ferndale and wished them a happy one year anniversary.

Fun with the BF 1.) saw Charlie & the Chocolate Factory in the theatre and liked it (even though I LOVE the original) 2.) finally saw Sideways and liked that too! 3.) ate a delicious breakfast at Toast in Ferndale

Fun knitting 1.) had time to knit while I watched Sideways 2.) had time to knit while I watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 3.) finally finished the darn mittens (just moments ago! pictures & pattern coming soon)


Blogger Mayarn said...

Too bad i wasn't in Ann Arbor this weekend, otherwise I might have run into you this weekend. :-)

August 15, 2005 4:10 PM


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