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Marching bands & yarn surprises

Went to Interlochen on Sunday with the fam. Good weather, good music, good times. My nephew is going to be a senior this year, so it was a big deal to see him perform with the marching band. There is so much tradition and hard work happening there. It is quite moving!

Lydia & me @ Interlochen - Go Ferndale!!

I got my yarn from elann yesterday. I was very excited to get it & they are always so speedy!

Teal? Or grey?

The Gatsby yarn gave me a bit of a shock. I know you take a risk colorwise, when you order yarn online, but GEEZ! Based on the elann photo, I was expecting something a little more Tiffany blue and a lot less grey. Hmmm. I like it and I will still find a use for it, but it was definitely NOT what I was expecting.


Blogger Mayarn said...

sheesh - that yarn even has teal in the name! For not being so teal, that is quite misleading. :-)I'm ordering some yarn form Elann today I think--I'll have to pay particular attention to what color I choose :-)

August 26, 2005 9:46 AM


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