A place for my knitting ramblings ...


Now what?

So, it is time to start thinking about my next knitting project. I have a ton of yarn sitting around. I want to do something with the teal (read: grey) yarn that I bought last month. I think I might try out a pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I was eyeing "the Purl Scarf" pattern ... which means that I will need to go out shopping to find a thick mohair and a laceweight mohair that matches. Sounds like fun ... but I hope I don't get too frustrated trying to make a good match with all three yarns.

Since taking on my new career (as a librarian) in late July ... I have checked out lots of knitting books. Currently, I have:
  • Scarf Style * most of these patterns are above and beyond my capabilities at this point ... but it is still fun to look!
  • Teen Knitting Club: chill out and knit * I was thinking about starting a teen knitting club at the library ... this book does offer yarns by weight, but they use super expensive yarn in the FOs that are pictured (such as Colinette Point Five for a poncho - which is beautiful but not realistic for teens)
  • Last Minute Knitted Gifts * fun patterns and some ideas that I plan to try out!
  • Celebrity Scarves * nothing mind-blowing ... but some fun scarves and do-able patterns for my "skill"-level : )


I confess ...

I love Martha. Martha never fails me. She has great ideas. (Yes, she also has zillions of people working for her who also have great ideas ... but still - she has great ideas). Her magazine provides me with many great inventions and intentions. Most of the time (read: all of the time), I do not follow through with these intentions. But still - it makes me feel good that doing, cooking, building, planting, decorating like that is within my reach.

So, after watching an episode of Martha's new show last week, I was inspired. Who wouldn't be!?!? They made pastitsio. Something that always sounds interesting on the menu in Greektown and something that I never order. Martha, that intention-creator, hooked me in. I printed the recipe last night and went to the grocery store and bought the ingredients. And tonight ... do you know what I did? I made that dang PASTITSIO and it was darn tasty!

Now, I can't wait to see Wednesdays episode. Conan + Martha = fun

Thank you Martha!


So much knitting, so little purse

The weekend is here! Tonight, we are going to a wedding. Tomorrow, I have to work. And Sunday will hopefully be both productive and relaxing.
Here are the before and after photos of the 3rd Sophie felted purse.

Is anyone else addicted to reality TV? I know it is bad ... but I can't help it. In a week, I would gladly make time to watch "The Amazing Race," "Project Runway," both versions of "the Apprentice," "America's Next Top Model," "The Real World" and "Survivor." Sometimes I also watch "My Fair Brady," "Breaking Bonaduce" and "the Surreal Life", too. OKAY! I know - it is insane! Thankfully all of these shows are not currently on the air. But "The Amazing Race" is starting soon and I am hoping for a new season of "Project Runway." HELP ME!


Done ...

I finished knitting the Sophie for my sister on Sunday. The i-cord wasn't as horrible to do as I remembered. I washed/felted the Sophie on Monday night and she is finally dry!

I had intended to give the Sophie to my sister on Tuesday ... but it was still slightly damp. Ugh. We had dinner plans and I had to make up some lame excuse as to why I hadn't given her her gift yet and that it would be ready soon. Oh well. I will take it to her this weekend.

(I just need to do a quick photo shoot and photos will be available soon!)


Rebirth of the (un)cool

Inspired by Maya, I took a look at my music collection to see what sort of wacky crap I have collected along the way. What fun!


#5: Sandra Kim- J'aime La Vie. I assume that no one besides me has ever even heard of this. I lived in Belgium in 1986 and
Sandra Kim (a Belgian) won EuroVision. It was a huge deal! I literally listened to this song over and over and over again. But not since 1986 ...

#4: Gary Glitter- Greatest Hits. Ha! I am sure that something motivated me to buy this, although I really cannot think of a good reason. I do admit to liking Rock & Roll Part II, but did I really need to spend hard earned money on it?

#3: New Radicals- Maybe you've been brainwashed too. This one definitely needs to be weeded out of the collection. I bought it for that one hit (and only good) song - "You Get What You Give." I hate it when I do that! Why do I do that?

#2: Cherry Poppin' Daddies- Zoot Suit Riot: The Swingin' Hits of. I went through a huge swing phase. This album/band sucked then and it sucks now. Why is it taking up space in my life?

And the number one crappiest (and most embarassing thing in my music collection) is ...

#1: Bros- When Will I Be Famous? Okay ... seriously! What the hell is this?! I remember buying this and I had never heard of Bros. I think I thought they were cute. This is so (un)cool!

Thanks for the idea Maya. It was fun!


Purple yarn and purple silk suits

I am making progress on the Sophie. Have added a 3rd color (purple) ... so it is going to very similar to the one I made for Mel. Same colors, different stripe pattern.

Pat & I went to see the English Beat last night (with the tickets that I won). They were actually the opening act for ABC. It was a pretty good show ... but I have a hard time seeing a band that I LOVE when only one original member is present. Honestly, this show should have been billed as Dave Wakeling of the English Beat. But that's just my music snobbery rearing its ugly head. In the early 90s some of the members were touring as the Special Beat - a combination of the Specials and the Beat - and it was great! This show didn't quite live up to that. The English Beat without Ranking Roger!?!?!? (sigh)

Here's a picture that I took of ABC. I was trying really hard to get a close-up of his belt buckle ... super diamondy! Click here to see ...


Labor Day in the D

Stayed in town for the long weekend (even though I had originally hoped to make in to Chicago). I was worried that it might not be any fun around here, since I didn't have anything specific planned. It turned out to be quite good! YAY!

Friday: Ate sushi and ginger salad and edamame. Always makes me happy.

Saturday: Mel & I went to the MSU football game against Kent State. We won. I got sunburned. Perfect weather - not a cloud in the sky.

Let's go STATE!

Sunday: Went to the Jazz Fest in Detroit. Saw nephew play and felt proud. Walked on the riverfront. Walked around Detroit a little to check out new developments. Watched an awesome brass band from Nawlins and felt sad.

My new best friend

Met a cute cat that I named Morris. We bonded on Pat's front lawn. Look at him enjoying his rub! Had a BBQ in the evening and then played a rousing game of Pit.

Today: Two words - cider & donuts! Mmmm. Ran some errands and took a nap. Worked on Sophie #3.

May add in a 3rd color - haven't decided yet!