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Now what?

So, it is time to start thinking about my next knitting project. I have a ton of yarn sitting around. I want to do something with the teal (read: grey) yarn that I bought last month. I think I might try out a pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I was eyeing "the Purl Scarf" pattern ... which means that I will need to go out shopping to find a thick mohair and a laceweight mohair that matches. Sounds like fun ... but I hope I don't get too frustrated trying to make a good match with all three yarns.

Since taking on my new career (as a librarian) in late July ... I have checked out lots of knitting books. Currently, I have:
  • Scarf Style * most of these patterns are above and beyond my capabilities at this point ... but it is still fun to look!
  • Teen Knitting Club: chill out and knit * I was thinking about starting a teen knitting club at the library ... this book does offer yarns by weight, but they use super expensive yarn in the FOs that are pictured (such as Colinette Point Five for a poncho - which is beautiful but not realistic for teens)
  • Last Minute Knitted Gifts * fun patterns and some ideas that I plan to try out!
  • Celebrity Scarves * nothing mind-blowing ... but some fun scarves and do-able patterns for my "skill"-level : )


Blogger Mayarn said...

Scarf Style and last minute knitted gifts are both great books. I know your "skill level" could handle projects in both of them. :-)

And great idea on the teen knit club! I'm sure you can find patterns that require affordable yarn. do it, do it!

September 29, 2005 9:56 AM


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