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Purple yarn and purple silk suits

I am making progress on the Sophie. Have added a 3rd color (purple) ... so it is going to very similar to the one I made for Mel. Same colors, different stripe pattern.

Pat & I went to see the English Beat last night (with the tickets that I won). They were actually the opening act for ABC. It was a pretty good show ... but I have a hard time seeing a band that I LOVE when only one original member is present. Honestly, this show should have been billed as Dave Wakeling of the English Beat. But that's just my music snobbery rearing its ugly head. In the early 90s some of the members were touring as the Special Beat - a combination of the Specials and the Beat - and it was great! This show didn't quite live up to that. The English Beat without Ranking Roger!?!?!? (sigh)

Here's a picture that I took of ABC. I was trying really hard to get a close-up of his belt buckle ... super diamondy! Click here to see ...


Blogger Diana said...

How misleading not to have the entire gang. (Oh well!) Though I think I would have still enjoyed the music.

September 09, 2005 10:55 AM


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