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Not that hot

I have been dying to see "Mad Hot Ballroom" for over a month. Never got around to seeing it in the theatre and was really excited when the library got it in. Watched it on Friday night. It was cute and touching ... but it wasn't quite as mad hot as I was hoping for. It was a bit too long and too much of the same. I think I would have liked to get more insight into the home lives of the kids like they did in "Spellbound." I absolutely loved (and highly recommend, if you haven't already seen it) that movie!

I just started reading "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey. WOW! I saw him on Oprah and was totally drawn into his story.

Onto my next knitting adventure ... I think I would like to make Ruffles from Scarf Style. I am not 100% clear on exactly how the pattern works. I looked at it briefly and hope that I can figure it out. Now I need to find some yarn for it. I can't decide what color I should go for. I was thinking of maybe going with black. That way the color will balance out the kind of girlish-ness of the ruffles and will not be too overwhelming for me. I don't generally wear ruffles, so I am a little scared. What do you think?


Popcorn, candy corn, spider rings and Bono

This week has been busy, busy, busy. For work, I have been planning for the Halloween Party at the library. Running out to buy popcorn and candy corn and spider rings. Trying to figure out what I could be for Halloween that would be cute, comfortable, not scary and appropriate for a Youth Services Librarian. Finally came up with an idea on Wednesday night ... Charlotte's Web. Since then I have been trying to make my costume out of yarn. Maybe I'll get a good picture of it tomorrow.

Tuesday night Todd, Krissy, Pat & I went to see U2. It was a good show and even though our seats were in the upper bowl, they weren't half bad. The stage was a really cool oval shape with people in the middle. Now that would have been a good place to be!

U2 @ the Palace of Auburn Hills

Main Set: City of Blinding Lights, Vertigo, Elevation, I Will Follow, Gloria, The Ocean, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Beautiful Day, Miracle Drug, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, Love and Peace or Else, Sunday Bloody Sunday - Get Up Stand Up, Bullet the Blue Sky, Miss Sarajevo, Pride, Where the Streets Have No Name, One - MLK

Encore(s): The First Time, Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, With or Without You, Crumbs From Your Table, Bad



Last night, Mel, Pat & I went out for some good old fashioned fun at the Dakota Inn Rathskeller in Detroit. OKTOBERFEST, ya'll!

The restuarant has been there for 70+ years and it attracts crowds of all ages. It is a true gem! The potato pancakes are delicious and the people watching is top notch. Did I mention the sing alongs? (Ja das ist'ne Schnitzelbank!) It is a great place to get silly and that we did!

dakota inn signage chicken hats were all the rage yes, i am laying on the ground say cheese!


The purl scarf: an FO

Hooray for FOs! I am all done with the Purl Scarf from LMKG. It was fun to pick out the yarn and I enjoyed knitting it. More importantly, I am please with the final product. It is warm and super long and I am looking forward to wearing it soon!

So, here it is:


The purl scarf - Part III

So, I have been knitting away on the purl scarf. Here is a picture on what it looked like late on Saturday night.

I do have to say that I like the Gatsby yarn, for the most part. However, the grey/teal yarn has army green, royal blue and teal "blobs" throughout. Most of them are not offensive ... but once in a while a huge one will be in the yarn. I truly became obsessive compulsive about picking out the offensive pieces. (See below)

Since then I have made it a little bit longer. All that is left to do is add the fringe! :) Hopefully I will finish that tonight.

After Saturday at the apple orchard, I was feeling in a fall mood. So, I woke up on Sunday and went to the Birmingham Farmer's Market and bought a pumpkin and lots of gourds and some flowers. I LOVE FALL!!


Wagon rides, apples, cider & donuts ...

Today was a beautiful fall day in Southeastern Michigan. A perfect day for the apple orchard. Todd, Krissy, Goldie, Pat & I drove out to South Lyon to Erwin Orchards. It was a lot of fun.

Goldie, Todd & Krissy on the wagon ride

I think the guys were kind of skeptical, but we all enjoyed it. We picked Empire, Golden Delicious, Ida Red and Red Delicious apples. Yum! I think Empire was my favorite and it was my 1st time having them.

Pat & me in the Empire orchard

When I read other people's blogs after they have visited an orchard or a farmer's market, they make something really awesome and yummy sounding. I am just not that motivated, so I will be eating my apples the boring way. (See Pat above) We also bought some DELICIOUS cider and donuts. The donuts I loved were apple spice covered in cinnamon & sugar, but we also got some pumpkin glazed donuts which were quite good, too.


The purl scarf - Part II

Many thanks to Miss Julie for clearing things up for me on the Purl in the purl scarf. Duh! I really should have known that. Let's forget that ever happened, m'kay?

The scarf is coming along. I would say that I am about half way there! I think that it looks really cute and I am pleased with my color combo. The only bad thing, so far, is that the scarf feels really heavy. I think next time I would go with a mohair that is less chunky than the Patons Divine. But the price was right and you get what you pay for, no?

Want to see some awesomely skilled knitting? Check it out ... I am so proud to have learned from the master. : )


The purl scarf - Part I

So ... I have found my yarn for the purl scarf. I am using 3 yarns: Classic Elite Gatsby (#2146), Patons Divine (#06206) and Knit One Crochet Too's Douceur et Soie Kid Mohair (#8512). I have knit about 5 rows so far and I am liking it.

I am not really clear on why this is called the purl scarf. It is a k1, p1 rib pattern. The book says that they call it that because it has inspired so many customers to create their own scarves. That doesn't really explain it to me. Am I missing something?

In other news ... I am now 31! That has to be the most hideous age. I am not one to get upset about birthdays and ages. But there is just something about 31 that I just don't like. Sigh. Well, here are the remnants of a birthday treat from Mel. : )

Mmmmmm ... cupcakes.

Here's something fun to do ...

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