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Not that hot

I have been dying to see "Mad Hot Ballroom" for over a month. Never got around to seeing it in the theatre and was really excited when the library got it in. Watched it on Friday night. It was cute and touching ... but it wasn't quite as mad hot as I was hoping for. It was a bit too long and too much of the same. I think I would have liked to get more insight into the home lives of the kids like they did in "Spellbound." I absolutely loved (and highly recommend, if you haven't already seen it) that movie!

I just started reading "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey. WOW! I saw him on Oprah and was totally drawn into his story.

Onto my next knitting adventure ... I think I would like to make Ruffles from Scarf Style. I am not 100% clear on exactly how the pattern works. I looked at it briefly and hope that I can figure it out. Now I need to find some yarn for it. I can't decide what color I should go for. I was thinking of maybe going with black. That way the color will balance out the kind of girlish-ness of the ruffles and will not be too overwhelming for me. I don't generally wear ruffles, so I am a little scared. What do you think?


Blogger Mayarn said...

I love Spellbound!

I would use a cotton yarn for the ruffles scarf. That's what the pattern calls for and it think it's a good choice because it's a tad stiffer than wool. Jess is using blue sky organic cotton to make one and now I wish I'd used that - it's REALLY nice and fluffy. And don't worry, you'll figure out the pattern fine I'm sure.

PS - i don't wear ruffles that often either, but I wear this scarf almost every day--I think you'll love the finished product.

October 31, 2005 10:12 AM


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