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A Detroit tradition

About a week ago, I told Heidi that I wished that we had snow in Detroit like she had in Kalamazoo. Well, my wish came true! On Wednesday, it snowed and it stuck! YAY! If it is going to be so darn cold, it might as well be snowy and pretty - in my opinion.

And because everyone loves a parade, we headed downtown on Thursday morning for "
America's Thanksgiving Parade." We got there a bit too early and we were freezing before the parade was even in sight down Woodward. (The temperature was 17 degrees.) We warmed up in Johnny Rockets and then came back out to enjoy and very small portion of the parade. I don't think I have ever seen Santa in the parade ... I always get too cold!

Pat, Holly & Tim trying to keep warm
There are a few favorites in the parade ... one of them is the the Fred Hill Briefcase Drill Team. I like the floats ... but it was too windy this year! Another thing that I look forward to seeing are the papier-mache heads of Detroit celebs. We saw Aretha, Joe Louis, Bob Seger, Charles Lindbergh and Tom Selleck. I was trying to take a picture but he turned just as I snapped a shot.
Just missed Tom Selleck!
I have tons of Christmas shopping and card writing to do in the next few weeks. When am I going to find time to knit?


Blogger Miss Julie said...

Yay! I'm so glad you went to to the parade. My husband and I seriously considered going down again this year, but I was glad we opted not to when it was 13 degrees outside. I'm with you, the briefcase drill team never disappoints. Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely otherwise, too.

November 27, 2005 9:07 PM


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