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Good old fashioned US Mail

I am excited because I am pretty much done with my Christmas cards. I bought the stamps today. I got the cute Christmas cookie designs! : ) The important, but time-consuming part is over, which is actually writing in the cards. I like to put a personal message in each card, because when I get a card that only has a name signed under the pre-printed message (or worse yet, the sender ordered a pre-printed signing too, like "Best Wishes, The Smith Family"), I feel a little bit dissappointed. I am such a fan of good old fashioned US mail and I feel that you should a least take a moment to send your holiday greetings by hand! OK - enough of my ranting ...

It is snowing like crazy here! (yay) Mel is talking about a possible snow day. We shall see if the 3-5 inches do fall over night. I don't get snow days ... so I will be waking up early to make sure that I make it to my meeting on time.

Daisy and her new best friends

About half way through another simple garter stitch scarf in a rosy pink that I am making for Pat's mom for Christmas. She told me that it was her favorite color on Thanksgiving, so I think she'll like it!


Blogger stacey said...

I need to get going on my Christmas cards. And I HAVE to write in each one personally...I think thats partly why it has taken me so long to send them out this year!

December 09, 2005 9:09 PM

Blogger Diana said...

Daisy and her friends are adorable. What a cute picture.

December 10, 2005 10:48 PM


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