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My So Called Project Spectrum

Look what I did on Friday? I visited The Knitting Room in Birmingham. I have been trying to go to this place for a while, but I always seemed to get there right when they were closing up shop.

I found my Project Spectrum inspiration! The Marl La yarn was calling my name!! It is green and lavender, but it is also 2 shades of pink! My plan is to make a variation of the "My So Called Scarf." This yarn is so thick (4 strands held together) - so I don't need to cast on quite as many stitches. Finding this yarn made me so happy! Very pretty & springy! I also found some cute Rowan yarn for a baby sweater that I plan on making in the near future.

Mel & I went to the Detroit Kennel Club Dog Show today for some good people watching (think live-action "Best in Show") and some cute puppies. I need to get a Norwich Terrier ... so cute! But check out this crazy dog stand I saw someone using!!


Blogger Diana said...

I love going to dog shows. Mr. Effer and I attend one in Syracuse every Easter weekend. Norwich Terriers are totally adorable, and I perceive them as having a great personality with just a little bit of attitude!

March 19, 2006 9:08 PM

Blogger Mayarn said...

Great Yarn!

I went to that dog show last year and had a great time. You gotta love terriers, too. My family has always had airedales and boy do they have attitude. :-)

March 20, 2006 1:00 AM


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