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Last Nite ...

"she said "Oh, baby, I feel so down.

Oh it turns me off, when I feel left out ..."

the state

Ruby & I went to see The Strokes at the State Theatre in Detroit last night. It was a great show! They played a good mix of songs (in no particular order): Heart in a Cage, 12:51, Last Nite, The End Has No End, Someday, Take It or Leave It, Juicebox, You Only Live Once, New York City Cops, Is This It. Julian's voice sounded perfect. We had so much fun!

the fab 5

I always seem to be near some sort of asshole at every concert I go to. At the Pixies, a guy spilled half a beer down my back. At the English Beat, these sorority sisters pushed their way thru the crowd, stopped right in front of me, were jumping up and down and wondering why I was giving them cut eye. And last night, the high school student behind me was chewing on a straw and somehow created a spit valve of sorts which was released onto the back of my chair and t-shirt. Lovely! Thankfully, I was able to move and let the whole thing go. Ugh!

Knit-wise: I am still working on the baby cardigan. Love it! I finished the back and the left front. Now I am starting the decreases on the right front (for the v-neck). The pattern calls for k2tog tbl. It looks like crap! So, I just visited the knitting help website and it even says that k2tog tbl is not a good match for k2tog. I think I am going to rip it back a few rows and try SSK or SSK improved. Pictures soon ...


Blogger Mayarn said...

that concert sounds like a great time. I miss the state theater. :-(

April 15, 2006 2:32 PM

Blogger Diana said...

I think you have just too much concert time.... LOL.

I'm casting on for My So Called Scarf tonight.

April 16, 2006 11:44 PM


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