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Green was everywhere I looked this month. Lolly chose the perfect color for May for Project Spectrum. I couldn't possibly capture every green thing that I saw, but here are a few.
pine is green leaf is green holly is green

Memorial Day was fantastic, weather-wise. It was in the 80s, even in northern Michigan, which is unusual for this time of year. Had lots of outdoor fun. Also, had some indoor fun when I taught my niece to knit. She was so proud of her new skills & so was I! What a cutie ...
knitting lesson

I love the ballband dishrags from Mason-Dixon Knitting that everyone is making. So, I jumped on the ball-bandwagon. It was fun and quick and oh-so cute! I have started a 2nd one in pink and green. I think I like the solid colors better, but here is another green FO.
mason*dixon project spectrum
Pattern: Ballband Dishcloth
Yarn: Sugar 'n Cream in Hot Green and Summer Splash

One more thing ... I made a new friend this weekend at Pond Hill Farm in Harbor Springs, Michigan. She had just gotten a haircut and loved to be scratched on the head. Pat had to tear me away from her.

sheep scratch


Urge overkill

One of the wonderful things about working in a library is access to so many books. (Obviously!) So, I just inter-library loan as many knitting books as my little heart desires. Sometimes I open the books and immediately send them back to their owning library. It is ridiculous how many hideous patterns there are out there. HIDEOUS! But there are also lots of wonderful books. Today I got these 3 and they look promising:

I am especially excited about Mason Dixon Knitting. I don't know why, but I have a strong urge to knit up some of those beautiful ballband dishcloths. I bought some Sugar 'n Cream yarn and can't wait to get started!



That is my favorite word as of late. If you watch the Amazing Race, then you know what I am talking about. I love the hippies - they are hilarious! I was so pleased when they won $1 million last night.

I have another FO to share. The always adorable Umbilical Cord Hat from SnB.

yellow u.c.h.

Yarn: Bernat Cotton Tots in Sunshine

I don't have a baby to model it, so I used a Beany Buddy. This is the 3rd U.C.H. I have made. The proud parents say that this is their favorite hat because it stays on, it is soft and fits well. YAY! I like it because it is super cute, knits up quickly and makes a fun gift.

My next mission is to make to some custom labels for these hand knit gifts.


April & May PS FO

I am proud to present my first sweater. : ) It took me a while, but I really enjoyed watching all the pieces come together. I really like the way it turned out ... the colors, the pattern, the buttons. Happy, happy, happy. I hope this keeps a lucky little boy very cozy!

v-neck cardigan

YARN: Rowan Handknit DK Cotton in Celery (MC) & Zing (CC)

PATTERN: V-Neck Cardigan with Contrast Ribs from Baby Knits for Beginners

The pattern called for "k2tog tbl," but I decided to use "ssk improved" instead. As you can see, it is still not a perfect match to the k2tog on the other side. Anyone have suggestions for what works best for matching decreases?

decrease detail


Cutest. Buttons. Ever.

Look at these ... are they not the cutest buttons ever?


The sweater is nearly finished. (yay) The only thing left to do is sew on 4 little buttons. That is my goal for the weekend. Doesn't sound too hard, but I realized that I do not own a needle & thread. So, at some point I need to go buy those and then I will be on my way.

My friend Mel was chosen as Oakland County Outstanding Teacher of the Year. Read more here. I am so proud of you Mel!

Last weekend, my sister adopted a dog. He is a German Shepherd - Beagle mix and he's 1.5 yrs old. Here's a picture of Logan asleep on the sidewalk.

such a sweetie

He's worn out from all the lovin' in his new house


Happy Blogiversary (to me)

Who knew that I would still be doing this a year later? On May 6th, 2005, I started my blog at work. I had been reading other knitting blogs and thought I'd give it a try. I figured that it would give me the chance to use my html skills and it might be good in an library interview to mention my familiarity with blogging.

What I didn't know was that blogging would be fun and that it would introduce me to many other knit bloggers. I will also say that this blog has pushed me along in my knitting. Without it, I may have been distracted away from knitting. Instead, it has made me focus on knitting projects, because I wanted knitting content in my blog. And in the process, I have learned lots of new things and really enjoyed the relaxation of knitting along with the feelings of accomplishment.

So, thanks for stopping by & reading my blog! And happy knitting ... : )

I took this quiz a while back and it said I belonged in London. With my upcoming trip, I decided to take it again and look where I belong now!

You Belong in Rome

You're a big city girl with a small town heart
Which is why you're attracted to the romance of Rome
Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand
And gorgeous Italian men - could life get any better?


Look into my future ...

This is what I will be seeing in August.

75,000 frequent flyer miles + $90 in tax = Europe, baby!!!!
We are going to Paris & Rome for sure ... and probably Florence in between. The details are still being hashed out. I am unbelievably thrilled! This gives me something major to look forward to for the next 3 months. Very, very exciting.