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I have some pictures to share of my past few days.

1 2 3 GLOW!!!!!!!!

We went to the BalloonFest & got stuck in a major traffic jam on the way there. We missed the launch, which is what I was looking forward to seeing. So, we stayed for the Balloon Glow, which was very pretty.

beautiful tilework outside of the stadium

On Sunday, Pat & I went to a Tigers game (vs St Louis). We won, 4-1! : ) It was a beautiful day for a ballgame. I really love spending an afternoon in the ballpark. GO TIGERS!

And here is proof that I am an idiot! Ugh. I sat in the direct sun in a tank top with no sunscreen. Let's just say that this picture was taken more than 24 hours afterward. And today (3 days later) it is still very, very red. Hideous & really dumb!

I have a blue almost-FO to share. Here is a photo of a pre-felted buttonhole bag. The colors are not captured correctly, but you get the general idea. I enjoyed knitting this bag. It was easy and quick. The yarn is bulky to begin with and then you double it! Instant gratification, baby. I barely have had any time to knit in the past few weeks and I still finished it.

Tonight I put the bag in the washer for about 1.5 cycles. The felted fabric is dense and I don't think it shrunk very much. I feel like the finished bag will be a reasonable size, whereas my Sophie bags always feel a tad bit small.



In honor of Project Spectrum, here is a collage of albums that I own that are blue. Some of these are all time favorites, others are blue and therefore fit the bill! : )

my fave replacements album brillant solo album louis jordan is great! 1st album magic
i heart wilco david byrne is amazing! people just liked it better that WAY! i dig good music
not their best, but it's blue takes me back to '87 bona drag! always wanted to be mary tyler moore

Now I am off to the Michigan Challenge BalloonFest to enjoy this beautiful summer night out of doors.



I love blue! There are so many different shades & varieties.

blue hydrangea

My jeans are blue ... wearing jeans is such a comfort to me - it means weekends and relaxation and fun. Lake Michigan is blue ... sometimes you might think you are in a tropical location by the color of the water. The sky is blue ... and a beautiful sky can make my day & put me in a happy, happy mood.

blue lake michigan

blue iris

blue detroit

blue warhol in chalk

I am enjoying this month of blues. Gotta love Project Spectrum!


June PS FO

I finally got around to sewing the button on the MDK bib that I knit. It is fun to hit 2 birds with 1 stone ... Project Spectrum and the Mason*Dixon KAL. This bib was super-duper easy and quick. I happily used up some leftover yarn, which is always a good thing. It was a bit boring to knit, but it will make a cute add-on for a baby gift. So, here it is ... my June PS FO #1:

blue bib o' love

Pattern: Baby Bib O' Love from Mason*Dixon Knitting

Yarn: Cotton Tots

I am hoping that there will be a June PS FO #2 ... I am working on the Buttonhole Bag. It is going pretty quickly, because the bulky yarn is doubled. We'll see how much knitting time I have in the next week or so.

lambs pride bulky

Aren't these pretty colors? The Sapphire looks purple-y ...


Busy, busy, busy

This weekend was crazy busy, but lots of fun too. Got to hang out with friends, see my family, exercise, do a good deed, listen to some music, experience art and read my book in the sunshine. : ) Very nice indeed.
2006 race for the cureRuby, Mel, me & Michelle

The Detroit Festival of the Arts is always an awesome way to spend the day. We heard the DSO play. I bought a fun tile from Spalding Studio. One of my favorite attractions is the sand sculpture. The amount of detail is incredible. See?
sandscapesAmazing ...

Went yarn shopping at lunch today ... found some Lamb's Pride Bulky that is to my liking in Aztec Turquoise & Sapphire. Buttonhole Bag time! I am almost finished with the MDK bib ... just need to find a button and sew it on. Pictures of those projects soon.


Blue inspiration

Thanks for all the wonderful compliments about my labels! : ) It is so nice to get feedback. So, thank you for stopping by and letting me know what you think!

This week is crazy at work and home. Monday was knit night. My nephew graduated from high school on Tuesday. I am trying to get everything ready for the Summer Reading Program at the library, which starts on Friday. My friend's CD release party is Friday night. Saturday, I am doing the Race for the Cure. That afternoon is the graduation party for my nephew. And Sunday is the Detroit Festival of the Arts.

detroit blue pewabic tile

Life is worth living in Detroit!

I have been trying to get some blue inspiration. I went to my LYS the other day and did NOT find what I was looking for. I wanted pretty blues for a buttonhole bag ... but it didn't happen. Everything they had was ugly (and I was crabby). So, I will look elsewhere and see what happens. In the meantime I am using up some leftover Cotton Tots (with some blue in it) to make the bib from MDK. I am concerned that I am going to run out, so we shall see. After this crazy week, maybe I will have time for more yarn shopping.


Sweet little labels

I have looked online for lables to order for my hand knit gifts. I never find anything that I LOVE. So, I followed Grumperina's lead, I decided to make some custom labels. Her directions were clear and easy to follow and I ended up with a label that is very sweet.

custom label

I used my first label on my first baby sweater. I think that this gives the gift a whole new personal touch. : ) I am so pleased with the outcome!

It is June and that means blue! I need to figure out what I am doing for Project Spectrum this month. I am thinking of a buttonhole bag ... maybe. I have a ton of wool to use for felting projects, but none of it is bulky and that pattern calls for Lamb's Pride Bulky doubled. So, I don't think I should attempt it with my PCHW. I have plans to do some yarn shopping today, so we will see what I come up with.