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A good day ...

Ahhhhhhhhh. Today is a good day.

  • Took the day off to chill out (which is always good)
  • I sucessfully completed my 1st Summer Reading & Teen Read programs at the library (yay)
  • Went out for a yummy breakfast this morning ... Western Omelette (yum)
  • Tonight, I am going out with friends for adult beverages & fun (hooray)
  • My trip to Paris, Florence & Rome is only 7 days away!!!! (can't wait)
  • I found an awesome bargain on Sharpies & other school supplies @ Target (can't resist)

regular price = $20.99 ... Target price = $10.00
Hope you are having a good day too!


July PS FO

My finished Project Spectrum for this month almost seems like cheating! I mean, it was super quick and easy and it barely seems purple (much more of a blue project). But anyhow, here it is. I love it and can't wait to wear it this fall.

purple point 5 scarf

I have been staring longingly at the Point 5 yarns in my LYSs since I started knitting, but it always seemed like more than I should spend. So, I ordered it from England and had it shipped here and it cut the cost in half. In. Half. People!

Yesterday was a fun-filled day. In the early afternoon, Mel, Barb and I went to the KMart HQ in Troy, MI. (As you may know they were headquartered here and they've merged with Sears and now they are in Chicago and it is all very sad to see a business leave your local area) Anyhow, they are selling everything (even the kitchen sink) in their former HQ ... art, desks, staplers, filing cabinets - you name it. A lot of the stuff was just crap and it was depressing. But there was also some crazy stuff, like an autographed Andy Warhol poster and some Asian pieces from the 18th century. I have worked in plenty of coporate offices and none of them had that kind of artwork. Check out this awesome quilt that you could bid on. Now there's a Project Spectrum!!!

sesame street quilt

In the late afternoon, Mel, Nancy, Kristin & I headed to the 47th Annual Ann Arbor Street Art Fair. It is huge! Good people watching and lots of neat-o art. And then Indian food for dinner at Shalimar. YUM!



This counts as purple, right? It actually may count as just about every color in the "spectrum" ... I have had this Point 5 yarn sitting in my room just waiting to be knit. The colorway is Gauguin (#100) & I think it is really beautiful.
purple-ish point 5
I toyed with a few different ideas for this yarn, but decided to keep it simple. Real simple. Knit, knit, knit. It will be a lovely garter stitch scarf, perfect for the fall. I am nowhere near ready for fall, but this scarf will be waiting for me when I am. Should be done with it in no time!

purple wavy petunia

I got my camera back from Canon & the flash works! I am so pleased with this development. I don't use the flash very often, actually I usually turn it off. But, the flash will come in handy on my trip. I am actually thinking about getting one of those fish-eye cameras to take along as well ... just for fun.

purple flower
I had fun taking pictures in the garden today. A lot of the purple flowers have already come and gone. I have no idea what this flower is called, but isn't it cool? I love the bottom ... it looks like a pineapple.


Make it work!

I cannot wait for tomorrow night. A 3rd season of Project Runway starts at 10pm, not to mention the 9pm Casting Special. So. Damn. Excited. If you have not watched PR, I highly recommend it. Even if you aren't a reality tv nerd like me ... this show is really great.

what happened to andre?

I appreciate all the suggestions on what to do with my yarn. The Clapotis is the front runner ... I am just worried that it will take me forever! But, it is a very pretty & versatile pattern. So, I think I just might go for it. I do not think, however, that I am going to tackle that for July Project Spectrum. This month is crazy with the summer reading program at the library and preperations for my trip. I want to have an FO, but I don't want to kill myself to get one. So, in the meantime I have started a super quick and easy scarf with some delicious Colinette Point 5 that I acquired a few months back.


July is here!

Back to reality ... after spending a long weekend up north with the family. We had beautiful weather and a fun time in Harbor Springs. Hung out at the pool, dipped my toes in Lake Michigan (freezing!), ate at a crazy "famous" Polish restarant called the Legs Inn, shopped, ate some ice cream, went to a parade, people-watched ... good old fashioned fun!

purple licorice
On one of our outings, I came across some beautiful handpainted yarn that will be perfect for purple Project Spectrum July. I have absolutely no idea what to do with it, though. It is about 560 yards of worsted weight merino wool. Any suggestions?

The flash on my Digital ELPH is not working. It has been bugging me for months. (I have only been able to take pictures with the flash turned off). Anyhow, I sent it to Canon to be fixed, so that I will have a working camera for my Europe trip (less than a month away!!). Supposedly, the camera will be returned to me within 7 business days. I hope that this goes smoothly.

blue buttonhole bag

I was finally able to borrow a camera to get a picture of my finished blue Buttonhole Bag!