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Ciao Roma

I am back from my trip. Safe & sound and without much trouble in the airports in light of the UK terror incident. An airport official threw out 4 lip glosses of mine - not a big deal - I'd rather be safe. Really glad that I hadn't purchased any wine, because I would not have wanted to pack that in my luggage.

It was a fabulous time - pretty much non-stop for nine days. We walked our feet off. I really wish I had taken a pedometer to track it all. I think Paris was my favorite of the 3 cities for the architecture and churches and ease of getting around (awesome subway there). I loved the coffee and pastries and lovely cafes in Paris. For food, I would have to say that we had better meals in Italy. We actually found a restaurant on our first night in Rome and ate there all three days. It was sooooooo good and they had a big enough menu that we tried lots of different things. It may sound strange, but I think it is really easy to find a mediocre meal in Europe, so we just went with what we knew was great. And not one single dish that we had at that restaurant could be described as mediocre. Our waitress was fantastic too.

And the gelato in Italy was to die for - I tried: coffee, hazelnut, rich chocolate, chocolate, Nutella, melon, kiwi & raspberry flavors. I know that makes me sound like a huge pig ... but the servings are small and they often will give you 2-3 flavors in one little cup.

On my next trip to Europe I think I may break up the pace a little bit. We didn't have much chance to sit and relax. When you only have a few days in each city you need to go, go, go and make sure you see everything you wanted to and I always feel like "Am I missing something really cool? If I walk a few more blocks will I find a shop, a piazza, a fountain that will blow me away?" So maybe some time spent in Chianti or Siena would have been good. Just sit at a winery and enjoy the country side. I have the travel bug now. I want to go back to Italy to visit Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast. I want to go to Germany & Switzerland, to Ireland & Scotland, to the Netherlands, to Prague ... the list goes on. If only vacation time and frequent flyer miles were never ending. (sigh)

I didn't knit one stitch (I made a last minute decision that I didn't want to chance losing my Denise needles at the airport).

I did find a knitting store in Florence, though. On "the other side" of the Ponte Vecchio, turn right on the street that runs along the Arno and there you will find the Beatrice Galli Yarn Shop. I bought a few skeins of a very pretty yarn called Stampato Extra - it is a 100% Australian Merino, made in Italy.
I don't have an exact plan for it ... but a scarf is likely.

Okay ... one more thing. Cats & Rome, they go hand in hand right? I was walking down the street in Rome and look what I saw. This is no set-up. A cat sitting on a pizza box. Can it get more Italian? Haha. : )


Blogger mayarn said...

What a great trip! Glad that you had such an amazing time - and that you found some yarn! ;-)

August 15, 2006 9:22 AM

Blogger Heidi said...

Hey, when I went to Italy and Greece two years ago, I made a promise to eat gelato or baklava (or something similar) every day. It was the best!!

You're lucky you found an open yarn shop. We went at this same time of year and everything was closed for summer holidays.

August 15, 2006 10:08 AM

Blogger Sourire11 said...

Wow... sounds like you had a great trip! And really, if you're in Italy and don't eat gelato every single day (sometimes twice) you failed. Thanks for the link to the yarn store! My mom's going to Florence at the end of Sept. and I'll definately pass this on to her!

August 15, 2006 1:11 PM

Blogger Diana said...

I'm glad you had a great time and a safe trip! The picture of the kitty on the pizza box is hysterical. I can just picture the kitten saying "Where's the tuna?" You are so fortunate to be able to travel and see the world.

I think I would have done the same thing and ditched my knitting in fear of having to give it up.

Will we be seeing more pictures of your trip?

August 15, 2006 5:57 PM

Blogger Jennifer said...

sounds like a wonderful time...can't wait to see more pics!
the yarn is beautiful and the kitty pic is so cute :) welcome home!

August 16, 2006 6:17 AM

Blogger stacey said...

I think I have that exact same yarn. A friend of mine that lives in Arizona came across a yarn store and went in just to buy me some yarn. She's not a knitter, she just saw the store and thought of me. How nice is that?! Thing is, she only got me two balls....so I'm not quite sure what to make with it. I thought about a scarf too..but I don't know. I keep thinking there's got to be something else. Scarves are always my default though...

August 17, 2006 1:30 PM


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