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20 questions

Things I have been wondering about ...
  • when will this rainy weather go away?
  • what has the world got in store for me?
  • who is going to Fashion Week on Project Runway?
  • what am I going to do with all this yarn?
  • why is life so complicated?
  • where did I lose my credit card?
  • how did I get here?
  • what should I knit next?
  • will 32 be a better year than 31 was?
  • when will I meet my lloyd dobler?
  • should I start my holiday knitting now?
  • when will I find some jeans that I like and that fit well?
  • when & where can I go on another trip?
  • why don't I feel like knitting lately?
  • (I hate to generalize but ...) why are boys so silly, stupid & ridiculous sometimes?
  • and why do I care?
  • how will the Tigers do in the American League Division Series?
  • should I move to Chicago?
  • why does a public library draw in so many freaks?
  • should I sell some of this crap on e-bay?

Any answers or advise or comments or your questions are welcome! : )


Be a man. Don't be a guy.

Thanks for the props on the girly bib! I appreciate the support - for real. I actually think it was a hit. Everyone seemed to like it. Perhaps they were so distracted by the awesome ballband pattern, so they didn't see the crazy pink & green! : ) In the meantime, I haven't knit a stitch. I am not feeling inspired lately. Perhaps I should get started on some holiday knitting. Or work on that damn scarf. I just don't feel like it!

On another note, I must clarify something. It seems as though a few people read my last post and came to the conclusion that I had never seen Say Anything. I re-read what I wrote and I can totally see how you might think that. But no need to worry my friends, I have seen it (many times at that!) and I love it just as much as the rest of you do! Between Lloyd Dobler and Jake Ryan, I think I may be permanently damaged when it comes to having a successful relationship with a real man. I mean, no one can truly live up to the standards that were set by those two. Check out these articles from the Washington Post on Jake & Lloyd.


BIB-bidi bobbidi boo

I have a baby shower to go to on Friday night, so I have been trying to squeeze in some knitting this week. I made a boyish bib a few months ago with no particular baby in mind. And then I found out that a co-worker was having twins, a boy and a girl ... so I decided to make a girlish bib. This thing is so bright pink and green - it is almost hard to look at. I love it, but I am not so sure that it is going to be the mom's taste. As you can see, I took the ballband pattern and added some straps and a cute little daisy button.

girly bib

Pattern: Modified Ballband Dishcloth + straps
Yarn: Sugar 'n Cream
Needles: US 7s

Other than that, I have been keeping busy and having fun:

Basically trying to keep busy and enjoy life as much as possible while the fun lasts. Life is crazy in good and bad ways. I hope the good prevails over the bad.



Wow - what a trip down memory lane. I had not been back to my old neighborhood in 16 years. Driving down my street was such a weird, trippy experience. It was so great to see Nadine and Noela and Nadine's parents. Aside from the baby being there, I kind of felt like we were back in 8th grade. Sitting on the bedroom floor, looking at old photos, laughing our asses off and gossiping, going to the mall, eating Yogen Fruz, buying candy at the Hasty Market and renting movies. Good times! : )

After a 2.5 hour delay trying to cross the bridge back into Michigan, I decided to head to Detroit to the JazzFest. Saw Dr. John and then went to the Buzz Bar. More good times. So even though I was out of town for the weekend, I still managed to fit in both music festivals going on. Gotta love holiday weekends!

Do I still knit, you ask? Not a whole heck of a lot lately ... I must admit. I am working on a bib for a baby shower next weekend. I think I am just having way too much fun trying to squeeze a whole summer's worth of good times into these last few weeks before fall. Soon enough it'll be full on knitting weather, right?


To T.O. I go ...

More travel for me this weekend. I am off to Toronto, Ontario for the weekend to visit a good friend. I lived in a suburb of Toronto for 3.5 yrs in junior high & high school. My friend Nadine has since relocated to California and had a baby. The 4 hour drive to T.O. is easier to do in a weekend than the trip out to San Fran, so ... off I go! We will hang out in the old neighborhood and have a slumber party and cuddle with the baby. It will be great! And hopefully we will make it downtown for a little bit.

I want some more of this ...

vivoli gelato

UPDATE: I went to Arts, Beats & Eats tonight to see my friend's band the Prime Ministers compete in the Detroit News Sonic Summer Battle of the Bands. They won! How awesome is that? And while I was there I found the coolest t-shirt. As a Michigander, I may be slightly biased, but isn't this so cute??

high 5

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!
: )