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Happy Halloween

Pumpkins have been carved. Pumpkin seeds have been toasted. Yum! My dad & I always toasted the pumpkins seeds together when I was a kid. So easy & so darn tasty!

toasted pumpkin seeds

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the blog and left comments on my hat. : ) So, so nice of you! Just a bit more hat chat:

* This was my first adult hat & I love this pattern! I have already recommended it to a few people. And my night knit gals passed it around and said they want to make one, too.

* BEWARE! The pattern came from One Skein ... but it took me more than one skein to complete it. (I did use a different yarn, but it had the same yards & grams as the suggested yarn.) If you make one, plan on about a skein + 1/3.

* Initially, I was concerned by the lack of decreases. However, once I figured out what I was supposed to do on the top of the hat to make it look hatty - it was smooth sailing.

* I will probably make more of these hats, but mine is a tad bit big. So, I will likely subtract a few stitches on future ACHs.

* I am digging the cables these days and Mel told me about the Fall Cable KAL. Thanks! So, now I would like to use the additional skein + 2/3 to make either cable mittens or a cable scarf to match the hat. Any suggestions?

pumpkins 06

I hope that you have a wonderful & happy Halloween! I am bummed - I have to work the late shift at the library, so by the time I get home all the trick or treaters will be back at their houses sorting candy into piles.


A fun, fall FO

In elementary school, my friend Betsy and I were occasionally allowed to walk through the woods behind my house and into another neighborhood and eventually end up at the strip mall at the end of the street. (Although I don't think we called it a strip mall ...) This was very exciting at the time! To have some independence and a little bit of money to spend. WOW! We sure did feel grown up. There was a toy store, a book store, a Perry Drugs, a fabric store and a grocery store. Perhaps we didn't have enough money to buy anything in the toy store. Perhaps I was destined to become a knitter. I don't know for sure. But what I do know was that I used my independence and pocket change to purchase one of these. I loved that thing! I made pom poms all the time for no particular reason or purpose. So, more than 20 years later ... I needed to make a pom pom for my cute hat. I no longer own said pom pom maker, but I made one outta cardboard and that worked just fine. I made the pom pom bigger than the pattern suggested, but I like it!

Daisy & I had fun chasing squirrels around the backyard and doing a photo shoot this afternoon. I present to you - my fun, fall FO!

asymmetrical cable hat more hat

Pattern: Asymmetrical Cable Hat from One Skein

Yarn: Rowan Chunky Print in Shriek (081)

Needles: US 11s (Denise circulars)


Know when to walk away, know when to run ...

Still working on the hat. I am excited - it's looking cute. I am a little bit further along than this photo shows, but I just had to show you the super fantastic leaves in front of my house. The hat part is finished, but I still need to make the pom-pom for the top. I will get to it, but I feel some procrastinating coming on. Although ... it is cute for fall, so I should make it a priority.

fall colors

More Tiger games this past weekend. Saturday's game sucked! But thank God for Kenny Rogers on Sunday. He is so great ... I love watching him get all passionate about the game. I want to have him mic'd so that I can hear his every swear word. It cracks me up. Looking forward to the games on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday!

cat scratch fever


Bless You Boys!

david, lyd & me

We are having a lot of fun around here! Last Saturday, a bunch of us went out to watch the Tigers game at a bar near the stadium. I love this photo of my friend David (the biggest baseball nerd of all time), my niece Lydia (isn't she cute?) and me. Good times ... good times!

World Series .... Here We Come!

The Detroit Tigers are headed to the World Series. This is wonderful, unbelievable, amazing, crazy, shocking, fabulous, wild & downright awesome!

It is such an exciting time not only for a Tigers fan, but also for the city of Detroit. And I was proud of the way we, the fans, handled ourselves after the victory. Everyone was just happy and excited. Even the police officers were high-fiving the fans. No bad behavior at all.

go, tigers!



I do knit. I swear to God, I do. Admittedly, not much lately. But I do knit, nonetheless. See?


I started the Assymetrical Cable Hat from One Skein. It is a fun pattern - easy to follow. I am making the woman's size and I am worried that it is going to be too big. The pattern calls for a chunky weight yarn (such as Rowan Polar). I am using Rowan Chunky Print in Shriek (081), which I thought would be just right.

Anyhow, it does feel good to have the yarn and needles back in hand. I needed a project that I could get excited about. This one seems to be working for me so far. I am a slight bit concerned with the knitting a tube and then sewing the corners together thing. No decreases? Hmmm ... what do I know?


Adventures in awesome-ness

These have been a fantastic few days for a Detroit Tigers fan (that's me!). First we beat the frickin' New York Yankees in NYC. Then we beat the frickin' New York Yankees 6-0. And today, we beat the frickin' New York Yankees 8-3 ... moving us onto the American League Championship Series. Absolutely awesome! Bless You Boys!

Speaking of awesome, 7 of us went to see David Sedaris on Thursday night. He is so hilarious. We were cracking up the whole time. So. Much. Fun. If he's coming to a town near you, I highly recommend!

Friday night, I went to see Wilco. Also awesome! Here is a link to the set list, if you care. Some of the highlights were: War on War, Shot in the Arm, Heavy Metal Drummer, Late Greats, I am Trying to Break Your Heart, I'm the Man Who Loves You. It was all great! Hooray for Jeff Tweedy ... who is dreamy. YAY for concerts ... one of my favorite things in the world.

i assassin down the avenue



Another fun weekend ... we had Book Club on Friday - I didn't read, but I enjoyed the wine and snacks and socializing. I felt really guilty about not reading ... sorry Barb!

we love thy shadows

On Saturday, Ruby & I headed to East Lansing for the Michigan State Homecoming game. We lost, but we had a blast remembering all the fun times we had in the dorms and beyond. So glad that I lived in Yakeley and met some of my best friends ever there. Also had yummy Mexican food at El Azteco!

At night, a group of us went out to see the Mega 80s. So many ridiculous moments occured and many Mandarin Absoluts with cranberry juice were consumed! As usual, awesome memories were made. I turned 32 at midnight ... can you believe it? I can't. Here is a photo of me enjoying my last few moments as a 31 year old. Ha!

still thirty one

And today, the rain finally went away! A beautiful fall day - sunny blue sky, just a little bit chilly (but still warm enough for flip flops) ... a perfect day for the cider mill. We went to Yates Cider Mill in Rochester, Michigan. They have super yummy cider and the BEST damn cinnamon donuts ever (tons of cinnamon and sugar on the outside of a still warm & soft donut).

mmmm ... donuts

This week is going to be crazy ... David Sedaris & Wilco. I am so excited! Life is not half bad.