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Still working on the hat. I am excited - it's looking cute. I am a little bit further along than this photo shows, but I just had to show you the super fantastic leaves in front of my house. The hat part is finished, but I still need to make the pom-pom for the top. I will get to it, but I feel some procrastinating coming on. Although ... it is cute for fall, so I should make it a priority.

fall colors

More Tiger games this past weekend. Saturday's game sucked! But thank God for Kenny Rogers on Sunday. He is so great ... I love watching him get all passionate about the game. I want to have him mic'd so that I can hear his every swear word. It cracks me up. Looking forward to the games on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday!

cat scratch fever


Blogger stacey said...

Lovin the hat colors. It's such an easy pattern isn't it? I made one, am making another currently, and have at least two more after that to make for people.

October 27, 2006 3:11 PM


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