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All signs point to yes!

On Thanksgiving morning, Mel & I went downtown to America's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Last year, it was freezing cold and I only captured Tom Selleck by the back of his head. This year, the weather was perfect and I got the picture I wanted! (Update/clarification: Tom Selleck is a native Detroiter, hence the huge papier-mache Magnum PI in honor of the holidays)

cousin tom

And yes, that is our mayor on the float in the background wearing the most hideous jacket ever! (Okay, maybe not EVER - but it is a close second to Puddy's 8 Ball jacket.)

Enjoyed Dad's stuffing on Thanksgiving - YUM!. Got a good chunk of my Christmas shopping done on Friday - HOORAY! Hung out with Ruby & Karen on Saturday evening - FUN! Spent a wonderful day in Ann Arbor on Sunday - YAY! And today ... it is back to reality.
Tonight was Knit Night. Drank some wine. Watched An Inconvenient Truth (see it, if you haven't). And finished off this little beauty ...

black ACH

Pattern: Asymmetrical Cable Hat from One Skein
Yarn: Knit Picks Panache in Coal

Needles: US 11s (Denise circulars)


Kicking off the holidays

Thanks to everyone who shared their favorite picture books! WOW! Such a variety. It was amazing. I am excited to see if my library owns some of the unfamiliar (to me) titles, if not perhaps I will do an interloan to see what it is all about! It's nice to see people so excited about children's literature.

Mel & I went to the Fox Theatre in Detroit last night with my fam to kick off the holidays. We saw Irving Berlin's White Christmas. It was an entertaining evening, for sure. The Fox is an old movie palace from the 20s ... it is absolutely gorgeous. This photo doesn't even begin to do justice to the beauty of the theatre.


I tried to get a photo of my current knitting project, but it just didn't work out. Close your eyes and visualize ... black yarn, circular needles, knitting, purling, cabling. OK thanks - maybe next time I'll have a picture.

It is so nice to have a short work week for the holiday. I am looking forward to spending more time with the fam and to getting some shopping done on my days off. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Children's Book Week

Did you know that it is Children's Book Week? Well, it is and it got me thinking about all the books I loved as a kid.
the giving tree the little engine that could wacky wednesday

And of course, since I am a Children's Librarian, there are many that I love today, as well. It is so hard to pick, but here are a few.
stellaluna the very hungry caterpillar bark, george

I was just wondering what your favorite picture books are/were? Feel free to share, if you like.


Knitting fool

I have been a knitting fool lately. And by fool, I mean fool - literally. On Thursday night, I could not focus. I started a My So Called Scarf no less than 5 times. I eventually gave up and decided to focus my attention on Grey's Anatomy. I started it again on Sunday and it was coming along nicely. But then last night I somehow lost a stitch and couldn't figure out how to fix it. So I pulled the needle out and then with all the slipped stitches that had been passed over and the purl 2 togethers - I couldn't get it back on the needle. So, I frogged the whole thing. So. Annoying.

Thankfully, I just received a lovely package of yarn from Knit Picks in the mail. So, I am momentarily forgetting about the scarf and starting another Asymmetrical Cable Hat. Hopefully I will have pictures to share soon.

beneath the skyway

A really quick recap of Chicago:
* drove through hideous amounts of rain on the way
* took a card making class here
* ate yummy tapas
* had a tasty omelette here
* bought a cute t-shirt at the Paul Frank store
* bonded with Mel on the way home!


Feeling blue

And when I say blue, what I really mean is awesome! Hooray for living in a blue state ... well mostly.

blown away!

I hope this means good things for the next presidential election, but I am getting ahead of myself. For now, I will bask in the happiness of this and this and this. Congrats to my Ohio blogger friends. And my regards to those of you in California.

So, I guess it is time to start some Christmas knitting. I have spied some super soft & fantastic yarn on KnitPicks (thanks to
Stacey), that I think will knit into a wonderful Christmas present. I bought the Marl La yarn (pictured below with Miss Daisy Skye) last winter with a plan to use it for a Christmas gift. I think I will make another one like this.

marl la daisy

And I must tell you that I am super duper excited! You wanna know why? Because this weekend I am going to Chicago! One of my friends moved there in August, and this will be my first time visiting her there. We have a lot of fun planned - a class at Paper Source, yummy breakfasts, lunches & dinners, shopping in Lincoln Park, and just general girly bonding!



I whipped up another ballband this week. A few months ago, I bought a ton of yarn on sale at Michael's. I think the cost was $1/ball - or something insane. I couldn't resist. Just as I cannot resist knitting up these fun little warsh rags. Is it just me, or does this one resemble a pack of highlighters? Hee hee.

ballband highlighter

It was a fun and busy weekend. Got to hang out with a newborn baby (only 12 days old and so tiny). Saw a good friend from high school and her one year-old daughter (so adorable it is unreal). Hung out with Ruby & Karen on Saturday night at the Bronx Bar and rounded out the evening morning at a little house party in Ferndale. Love it!

Went on a 7 hour shopping spree today with my sister. We started out at IKEA (new scrub brush pictured above), then went to Joann Fabrics and ended the trip at Target. I used restraint, people! I tried to stick to the needs and necessities. Although, I must admit I gave in to temptation in the wrapping paper department. But, I got my Christmas shopping started! And I did all this on 4 hours sleep.

Note to self: VOTE on Tuesday! Most things are a no brainer for me in this upcoming election, such as governor or the outrageous proposal to establish a hunting season for mourning doves (c'mon ... seriously!). But I do need to hunker down on Monday night and figure out MSU Board of Trustees and judges. That kind of stuff always throws me for a loop.