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Happy Christmas!

Christmas is less than 4 days away. I cannot believe it. I am trying really hard to get in the spirit. But it is really hard when it is unseasonably warm and there is not a snow flake in sight. I could honestly get really bummed out about it. Here are some things that are keeping the holiday spirit within reach:

  • hung out with my niece & nephews - caught a glimpse of Christmas through their eyes. so incredibly exciting!
  • watched A Charlie Brown Christmas with a boy who I think is the most!
  • paid for a portion of a random man's newspaper at Starbucks this morning because he didn't have enough change (random acts of kindness, right Mel?)
  • checked out the Christmas lights display in the town I grew up in

I'm not totally there yet. But I am sure that it will be a wonderful holiday spent with my lovely friends & family! Happy Christmas to you & yours!


Happy Friday!

Look how lucky I am ...

Last night was Knit Night (although I used the time to wrap presents) and Barb gave us all a gift certificate to the LYS. How nice was that? And I already have a merchandise credit ... so yarn shopping is in my near future. : )

In years past, I have allowed myself to get really stressed around the holidays. This year, I feel organized and on the ball. It is so nice! I am done with my Christmas cards. I have started wrapping gifts!!! And I only have a few more things to buy and I will be done with the shopping. CRAZY!

Today is my day off ... so I am trying to clean and do laundry and straighten and organize. But, as you can see, I am sitting here blogging. I have company coming this weekend. (YAY!) Must prioritize!

Have a great day ...


Gotta love a road trip!

Life has been fun as of late. Many little roadtrips happening. In the past 3 weeks I have visited Ann Arbor, East Lansing, Lansing (a seperate trip), Battle Creek & Kalamazoo. Things I have learned along the way:
  • When the weather is right, a long walk can be quite delightful
  • East Lansing is a much better place to visit in the fall, spring or summer! So. Cold.
  • The capitol city looks very lovely at night
  • Yummy food and the music of David Byrne are possible in K-Zoo
  • Downtown Battle Creek smells like Froot Loops!

i heart froot loops

Okay - I didn't learn anything monumental. But I had fun and enjoyed some Michigan cities outside of the D. And that is definitely a good thing.

Knitting, on the other hand, hasn't been going so well for me. I am really trying to use this Marl La yarn to create a fun Christmas present. But, no. I will be frogging my latest creation. I have 2 hanks and I am sure something will work out. But with the current # of stitches and ribbing - there is no way that it'll make a long enough scarf for an adult! Bah.


Meet Doug

Douglas Fir, that is.

Mel & I went to get our Christmas tree last night. It had been snowing all day (finally), so it was the perfect night for such an event. We always go to the same place. The 1st time we went there, we found a bird's nest in our tree. Someone told us that was good luck. I don't know about that, but I loved it! And the awesome guy at the tree lot remembers us. It is so nice & it makes me happy! There is something old fashioned and wonderful about it. So, now I am in the holiday spirit.

this year's Christmas card photo

We brought the tree into the house. Perhaps tonight Doug will get some bling. : ) In the meantime, I am enjoying the fabulous smell of Christmas tree all through the house.