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Librarian humor

My boss shared this YouTube clip with me the other day. I thought that it was very amusing, so I am going to pass it along. It is "March of the Penguins" - American Library Association style! Librarian humor? You be the judge.

I did some knitting! I now have 8 stripes, compared to 4 stripes. Not a huge accomplishment (if I am comparing myself to you all), but it is something to be proud of compared to my recent knitting track record. I would love to show you a picture of my progress. However, I cannot find the cord to connect the camera to the computer. (Damn it) Oh well - just look at the last post and imagine the WIP twice as big.


One is the loneliest number

I cannot believe a whole month has gone by since I have blogged. On top of that, I have not knit one single stitch. The name of this blog should NOT be kristinknits based on my track record this year. I have completed one knitting project so far. ONE! That is pathetic. I have started two other projects. Remember these?

Yeah. These projects look just like they did in these pictures, which were posted in March & April. I have not knit since April. APRIL!
Am I being too hard on myself? This has been a busy year. And it has been a busy past few months (engagement, moving, planning a wedding, working ...). All these wonderful life changes are more important than knitting. But I need to bust out the knitting soon. NEED. TO!
(Maybe writing it here will be my motivation ... just maybe!)