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Photos from the 4th

america's high five
Spent the 4th of July up north, for a little slice of Americana and some good old R&R. I don't know what it is - maybe all the fresh air - but I get lots of sleep and feel so relaxed up there. I couldn't live there (I need the city), but it is so wonderful to visit. We watched a parade, visited 2 farm markets, rode around on golf carts, made some deliciously fresh pasta salad, enjoyed the views of the lake and dug our toes into the sand!
harbor springs beachy feet

We also went on a day trip to
Mackinac Island with my folks. It was a fun day that included a carriage ride, walking around the grounds of the Grand Hotel and fudge (of course!). At night, we went on a dinner/sunset cruise. Incredible views of the Mackinac Bridge with the sun setting behind it. A totally unique experience, for sure. And lots of photo ops!
happy 50 years!


More librarian talk

There was a great article in the NY Times the other day that I'd like to share: A Hipper Crowd of Shushers. The article talks about the changing face of the modern librarian. It cracks me up how the stereotypes of librarians are still so imbedded in our minds. Quiet, mousy old ladies shushing everyone. These librarians still exist, for sure. But get into a library, people. You will see hipsters and "guy-brarians" behind your reference desks. And you just might run into your local librarian at a rock show or at the bar.

Speaking of "guy-brarians" ... mine has a blog of his own. Check it out: http://www.detroitleaning.blogspot.com/

Matt & I had a wonderful time up north, visiting my folks for the 4th of July. We took a ton of photos, but haven't uploaded them as of yet. Still can't find the darn cord to hook it up. Soon - I hope to post pictures of our mini-vacay and of my knitting!


Where I am today ...

Last year at this time, I had just finished a buttonhole bag and I was looking forward to my trip to France & Italy. Who could have possibly guessed that one year later I would be where I am today. Where am I today? Well ... I am:
  • happier than ever!

  • engaged to and in love with a wonderful and amazing guy

  • planning a wedding for May 2008

  • trying to finishing knitting project #2 of '07

  • looking forward to a trip to Boston

  • going wedding dress shopping

You never know where the roads of life will lead you. I feel so lucky to have taken the right road. Life is good!

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