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I have a new obsession. Ravelry. Seriously.

Have you tried it? It is amazing. Technically, I have been a "Raveler" since April, but it is only in the past 3 weeks or so that I have really put it to use! The librarian in me loves the way I can organize all of my knitting stuff (past, present and intended) - projects and yarn and patterns and knitting books. And the cross referencing of yarn and patterns and pictures and books ... it can keep me occupied for hours. Seriously.

The days of googling a yarn and hoping and praying to come across someone else's blog who has knit something cool with it are over. Now, with just a few clicks, a can find out what lots of other knitters did with that skein of yarn that I've had sitting around collecting dust. Or I can look at all of the different yarns that people chose to knit something that I have been wanting to make. And there are so many cool new people to meet and connect with. YAY! I heart Ravelry.


Michigan Fiber Festival

Went to Michigan Fiber Fest on Saturday. We made the 3 hour drive to Allegan and then had a blast checking out the sheep, the massive piles of roving and all the beautiful yarn.
black & white

I really used self-control and only purchased one hank of yarn. I figured that since I have only completed 1 knitting project this year - I can't justify huge yarn purchases right now. So, here it is ... my dreamy yarn from Briar Rose Fibers! 250 yards of hand painted 100% wool.
dream weaver

Ran into some knit bloggers: Beth (with her ravelry button) & Holly Bee (spotted her in that bright orange Tigers shirt ... awesome!). Did I mention that Holly is actually Matt's cousin? How lucky am I? Not only will I be marrying an awesome guy, but I also get a fabulous (and hilarious) knit blogging cousin! FUN!

knittin' cousins

On Saturday evening, we went to a family gathering in Kalamazoo. Holly & her family (Uncle Olive, Aunt Guinness, 3 pigs & an ogre) came, too. More fun! And such cute kids!
hey - you are on the internet!
It was a battle of the digital cameras!
good times

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Boston + actual knitting content

Matt & I are just back from a week in Boston. We had so much fun and were super impressed by how walkable that city is! We fit in a lot, here are some highlights:
  • Swan Boat ride in the Public Garden
  • tour of the Massachusetts State House
  • codfish!

  • Make Way for Ducklings statue
  • Boston Children's Museum
  • architectural tour of Boston Public Library

  • yes, we ARE library nerds!

  • Blue Man Group (half off tickets!!!!)
  • New England Aquarium

  • jellies!

  • walking around the Beacon Hill area - so cute!
  • tour of Fenway Park (no tickets to the game!)

the green monstah

Did I mention that we saw Maya? We met at the Middle East for dinner and wedding chatter. It was great to see her! And fun to get the scoop on the chuppah & the wedding plans.

kristinknits & mayarn

So, here it is ... proof that I knit. I am really exited about this pattern and to see the hat as an FO. I wish I wasn't so slow about it. I started it 2 months ago! I am hoping that I won't have to sew in all those ends ... wishful thinking!

hat progress

Speaking of knitting, Matt & I are headed to the Michigan Fiber Fest this weekend. I have never been, but it promises to be fun. We are hoping to run into Aunt Guinness & Uncle Olive, as well as Holly Bee. Anyone else planning on attending? : )


love is a mix tape

Matt bought me a great book last week - Love is a Mix Tape : Life and Loss, One Song at a Time. I can't put it down. It is basically a love story, written by Rob Sheffield (Rolling Stone contributing editor) about his wife Renee and their shared love of music. I am a huge fan of mix tapes and I am in love with love, so this was a perfect choice for me. I have made Matt 3 mix "tapes" since we began. I do believe that my skills on "You Can't Hear it on the Radio : a Wilco Primer" persuaded him to fall in love with me.

Here's a quote from the book that made me smile:

The Radio Tape
"Back when people listened to the radio, you kept a tape handy in your boombox at all times so you could capture the hot new hits of the week. The intro would always get cut off, and the DJ would chatter over the end. You also ended up with static, commercials, and jingles, but all that noise just added to the field-recording verisimilitude. The radio tape puts you right back in the original time and place when you first heard the songs. You are there, my friend. A girl I once knew had a radio tape with "Rock Me Amadeus" five or six times on each side, she just pressed record every time she heard it." (pg. 22, 2007)

I had so many radio tapes back in the day. And I love (not past tense) "Rock Me Amadeus" ... I only wish that I had found a radio station in 1986 that played it often enough for me to record it 5 or 6 times per side! I can only dream of such things!