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20 questions - 1 year later

So, last year around this time I had many questions, but not many answers. I was feeling a little lost. So let's see how many of my 20 questions from September of 2006 have been answered in the meantime!

  • when will this rainy weather go away? Nothing groundbreaking here - it comes and goes.
  • what has the world got in store for me? Lots of really wonderful things (namely a life with Matt!)
  • who is going to Fashion Week on Project Runway? A better question is when does the next season of PR start?
  • what am I going to do with all this yarn? Obviously, I am going to organize it all on Ravelry and then find fun patterns to make!
  • why is life so complicated? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
  • where did I lose my credit card? HA! Who knows?!
  • how did I get here? I was just throwing out a Talking Heads quote there - to be cute!
  • what should I knit next? Ravelry will have the answer!
  • will 32 be a better year than 31 was? YES, YES and YES!
  • when will I meet my lloyd dobler? In November, at the Michigan Library Association Conference in Detroit. ( I never would have believed this answer back then)
  • should I start my holiday knitting now? YES!
  • when will I find some jeans that I like and that fit well? bananarepublic.com baby!
  • when & where can I go on another trip? Planning a honeymoon now - who'da thunk it?
  • why don't I feel like knitting lately? 'Cuz that's life!
  • (I hate to generalize but ...) why are boys so silly, stupid & ridiculous sometimes? I'll never know ... but I am glad to have found one that doesn't make me wonder such things!
  • and why do I care? I don't anymore!
  • how will the Tigers do in the American League Division Series? They will kick ass!
  • should I move to Chicago? Nope.
  • why does a public library draw in so many freaks? That is a good question!
  • should I sell some of this crap on e-bay? Apparently not - still haven't put any of it up for bid!

Look at me! I have most of the answers & my very own Lloyd Dobler. YAY me!


Detroit Knit City

Matt & I had a fun weekend in Detroit. We went to the 30th Annual Dally in the Alley in the Cass Corridor on Saturday night ... Detroit grit at its finest. Lots of music, people watching, vendors and Detroit beer. I bought a super cute t-shirt ("Little Miss Detroit") and ran into Karen, Ruby, Michelle & Jeff. Good times.
dally #30

On Sunday, we went to the Detroit Tigers v. Seattle Mariners game. We lost (boo!), but we still had a great time and beautiful weather. This was our first game of the year, which is crazy. But it has been really hard to get tickets this year, since they did so well last year.

tigers fans

I bought these tickets as part of Matt's birthday present before I realized that this was the Detroit Stitch & Pitch game. So, while we were technically at Stitch & Pitch, we weren't actual participants and didn't get the cool bag o' goodies. Maybe next year! I need to thank a nice woman at the booth that gave me a bag (minus the goodies), since there were extras. We were a few sections over from the knitters - lots of folks wearing orange "Knitting Detroit Together" tees. Check 'em out (enlarge the photo by clicking on it for a better view of knitters in action!).

knitting detroit together

Onto the LYS sale! Ewenique Knits was offering 20% off purchases on Friday & Saturday, so I headed over. I picked up some yarn to make a pumpkin hat and I got a great canvas bag for free. (Thanks to TracyB for the tip)

free bag!

pumpkin yarn


Next on the needles?

I am loving Ravelry (as previously mentioned). I am putting all sorts of things in my queue. It is so fantastic to look at a pattern that's cute and be able to organize it electronically to revisit at a later date. There are so many patterns that I have looked at over the past few years that I printed out or tried to make a mental note about. All that did was clutter up my house and my brain. So, in addition to the many benefits, Ravelry has also helped me de-clutter (a little bit at least). YAY!

I am also loving working in a library! We just got a new knitting book...

I have looked through the other yarn girls' offerings and thought they were cute. But this book has lots of patterns that look really cute and totally knit-able. I have been wanting a knit a sweater for a while, but haven't found the right pattern for me. There are multiple sweaters in this book that appeal to me. So. Excited!

Top picks include:
  • Olivia's Sweatshirt
  • Maximum Wearibility sweater
  • Now or Never sweater
  • Becoming the Bag Lady purse
Let's see if I actually produce any FOs from this book. I am seriously contemplating ordering the Merino Frappe as suggested for the Olivia Sweatshirt. So, what's next on your needles?