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20 questions - 1 year later

So, last year around this time I had many questions, but not many answers. I was feeling a little lost. So let's see how many of my 20 questions from September of 2006 have been answered in the meantime!

  • when will this rainy weather go away? Nothing groundbreaking here - it comes and goes.
  • what has the world got in store for me? Lots of really wonderful things (namely a life with Matt!)
  • who is going to Fashion Week on Project Runway? A better question is when does the next season of PR start?
  • what am I going to do with all this yarn? Obviously, I am going to organize it all on Ravelry and then find fun patterns to make!
  • why is life so complicated? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
  • where did I lose my credit card? HA! Who knows?!
  • how did I get here? I was just throwing out a Talking Heads quote there - to be cute!
  • what should I knit next? Ravelry will have the answer!
  • will 32 be a better year than 31 was? YES, YES and YES!
  • when will I meet my lloyd dobler? In November, at the Michigan Library Association Conference in Detroit. ( I never would have believed this answer back then)
  • should I start my holiday knitting now? YES!
  • when will I find some jeans that I like and that fit well? bananarepublic.com baby!
  • when & where can I go on another trip? Planning a honeymoon now - who'da thunk it?
  • why don't I feel like knitting lately? 'Cuz that's life!
  • (I hate to generalize but ...) why are boys so silly, stupid & ridiculous sometimes? I'll never know ... but I am glad to have found one that doesn't make me wonder such things!
  • and why do I care? I don't anymore!
  • how will the Tigers do in the American League Division Series? They will kick ass!
  • should I move to Chicago? Nope.
  • why does a public library draw in so many freaks? That is a good question!
  • should I sell some of this crap on e-bay? Apparently not - still haven't put any of it up for bid!

Look at me! I have most of the answers & my very own Lloyd Dobler. YAY me!


Blogger Holly Bee said...

Oooh! I know the answer to the "why does the library draw in so many freaks?!!"


Really, I used to live in my car and I would go to the Library to hang out during the day because it was clean and dry and I could read and...use the bathroom!

I'm glad you found your Lloyd!!

September 27, 2007 8:49 PM

Anonymous Tracy said...

November 14! That's when the new Project Runway starts! Yay!

September 28, 2007 7:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And just think.... you'll soon be married and your life will take another turn.

October 13, 2007 9:17 PM


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