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Swirly Baby Hat

I finished a knitting project! Yes, it is true! I have finally finished knitting the super cute swirly hat from Knitting for Peace. (It only took me 6 months.) But I think it turned out very sweet and now I need to find it a home.

pink swirly hat

We had some beautiful weather this weekend. Sunny and warm ... crazy. I have to remind myself that November is around the corner, though. Pretty soon it is going to be turtleneck sweaters and pea coats. Pretty soon. But today I squeezed in another wear of the capri pants. Probably a fashion faux pas, but Tim Gunn wasn't scheduled to stop by the library - so I went for it. Anyhow - back to this weekend - we went to the local farmer's market and got pumpkins and peppers and some Michigan honey. Fun! Look at the lovely cauliflower we saw. I didn't buy it, but isn't it pretty????

my cutie!



I won! I was so excited to learn that I was 1 of 3 winners of KnitMongrel's blog contest. How, you ask? All I had to do was come up with a fun name for her new Mac. I suggested all sorts of strange varieties of apples, one of which was Lord Lambourne. She liked it and I lucked out! See?

lornas laces malabrigo
And this yummy yarn contest package arrived on my birthday! How fun is that? I say it is a great way to start the year ...

Wedding update:
Things have been busy in the world of wedding planning. We've got showers on the calendar, we are meeting with photographers, we have glanced at some bridesmaid dresses, we made an appointment with the bakery, we have touched base with a florist. Not bad.
And we have checked some major things off the list, which feels really good.
1. We have a date, a place and a time!
2. We booked a DJ for the occasion!
3. I found & ordered my dress!!!!!!
4. We registered! Here I am testing out the luxurious bath sheets ...
So much more to do ... hopefully without too many meltdowns. I had one last week, but thankfully I have a sweet fiance, who took me on a very relaxing get away for my birthday. Great timing! I am feeling much better now.