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Okay, so you may have heard a rumor about Detroit recently. Detroit was named the "most dangerous city" in a report (that the American Society of Criminology called "irresponsible.") This misuse of statistical data, which by the way isn't provided by all cities of a similar size, is damaging to the city - and frankly, I am pissed off. I feel the need to address it here, because most of you aren't from Detroit and may never find yourself in Detroit at any point in your life. And if there is anything I can do to change even one person's perception of my fair city - then I am happy.
don't forget the motor city
Admittedly, Detroit is not without its share of problems. However, Detroit is not a horrible place, it is not the most dangerous city in the US, it is not the murder capital of the world. It is the city that I love and the city where Matt & I will be married. Detroit is where my heart is. We have amazing museums, fantastic architecture, awesome local indie and garage rock music, delicious restaurants, darn good people,

santa baby
a sweet Thanksgiving Day Parade,
let yourself go!
and the newly re-opened world class art institute!

Thanks for listening to my rants (and raves).

Oh, and I have been knitting a little bit, but not much. Between Thanksgiving and wedding planning and Christmas cards and work, not much knitting is going on. Here is my slow, sloth-like progression on a cute cable-y Blizzard-y scarf. Hopefully it'll be done in time for the holidays ...
blizzard cable scarf


It's beginning to look a lot like ...

The Christmas carols are already on the radio. Festive flavors have returned to Starbucks. Santa's sleigh arrived at a local mall. We even bought a tree stand and some lights. So, I figured that I could start my Christmas cards, too. Yep - on Sunday night I sat on the couch and started writing my Christmas cards! And when I start my cards, I start thinking about postage stamps. I love stamps!

Have you seen the Holiday Knits stamps?

I am not sure how I feel about these. Will they further the trend of horrible holiday sweaters? I hope not. But the stamps will adorn my Christmas cards this holiday season!


8 r a n d o m t h i n g s

I saw this on mayarn's blog and figured I'd give it a go ...

  1. I had French from 5th grade through 12th grade - but since I rarely have had a chance use it, I barely retained any of it.
  2. I took a major pay cut to become a librarian. But now I am happy when I am at work instead of surly and angry all the time. Money isn't everything (as they say).
  3. My dear grandma was a knitter. I miss her a ton and wish that we could have had the chance to knit together.
  4. I am a sap ... I cry during the Today Show, Oprah, Grey's Anatomy, Animal Cops - you name it!
  5. I am introducing my future in-laws and my parents this weekend. I know it'll be great, but I am still nervous.
  6. I am closer in age to my niece than I am to my sister.
  7. I sometimes get crazy-head and have trouble sleeping at night.
  8. I wish that I had a nice singing voice.
I don't know who I should tag. Do people like to be tagged? Oh well - here goes (if you wish):
Holly? Come on - random zombie facts straight outta Michigan!
Mel? Bring on the California random fun ...
Jeanne? Cleveland style random-ness!

Speaking of Jeanne - I was just clicking around on her blog (which I often do) and check out this
CUTE hat she designed!!! I love it ... maybe I will put this one toward the top of the list.


October in pictures

We went to hear (see) David Sedaris. It was so great - he is hilarious. Since it was at a super small venue (400 seats), we also got to meet him and have him sign a book. I need to take a picture of what he wrote and post it. I was nervous and couldn't think of anything clever to say to someone who is so incredibly clever. Boo!

roger wilco
We went to see Wilco at the Fox Theatre in Detroit on October 17th. Lots of fun and a kick-ass venue!

Another Oktoberfest celebration at the Dakota Inn in Detroit. This place always provides excellent people watching and delicious potato pancakes. Kurz & lang stack, please!

mmmm ....apples

tractor ride!

The annual fall apple orchard visit is my favorite.

eye winker

Matt & I carved pumpkins and made pumkin seeds (yum!) on Tuesday night.