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my seven rock stars

I got tagged by TracyB ... okay - I'll play.

Here are the rules:
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I am going to go with the famous people bit. My 7 famous people are of the rock star variety.

1. Tommy Stinson : of the Replacements, Bash & Pop, Perfect, and solo projects. (Yes, I am purposefully leaving out his stint as a member of GnR) I have met him a few times in Detroit. He was confused when my friends & I announced we were leaving the bar to go get coney dogs. It's a Detroit thing.

2. David Byrne : of the Talking Heads and solo awesome-ness. Oh, how I love David Byrne. He is so, so amazing. I waited to meet him outside of the Royal Oak Music Theatre. It was brief but amazing.

3. Nash Kato : of Urge Overkill. I was in love with Nash in college. I didn't care that he was ugly and strange looking. Loved him. Met him in Kalamazoo, Detroit, Roseville & Toledo - to name a few.

4. James Taylor : or JT, if you will. Saw him perform with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in the 90s. We were walking around the theatre marveling at its beauty and caught a glimpse of him walking around backstage. The theatre had mostly cleared by that time and before I knew it I was yelling out, "J! T!", to which he turned around and walked right out onstage and bent down to say hello. Such a kind and wonderful soul.

5. Paul Westerberg : of the Replacements and truly wonderful solo work. I met Paul in Pontiac, Michigan and once in Chicago, IL. The Chicago incident was most memorable in that I took pictures of me friends with Paul and had pictures taken of me. The next day, I inspected the camera only to find out that there was no effin' film in it. I am still pissed ...

6. Jo Wood : as in the wife of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood. I was trying really hard to meet Ronnie (what can I say - I have a thing for ugly rockers) and ran into his wife walking around the Silverdome. I was sporting my homemade softball shirt emblazened with GIMME RONNIE and she stopped to comment! Fun, huh?

7. I'll call him Sugar Ray : as in Mark McGrath. I have never been a fan, but when I am walking around a mall in LA and someone tells me that they just saw him in the Apple Store, I am damn well going to seek him out. Actually I followed him into Crate & Barrel and then backed off. But later in the day our paths crossed again and I was pleased when we exchanged pleasantries.

tommy david

jt pauly

I don't really like to tag people, so if you'd like - give it a go!


To Do List

No knitting going on here. TracyB hat attack-ed me - but I just don't have it in me. The wedding is less than 4 months away and I am in full-on wedding planning mode. Which leaves very little knitting time, let me tell ya.

Have I updated you on wedding planning progress? The ceremony & reception locations are booked - for a May wedding in a historic theatre in the city of Detroit. We have chosen the food and we ordered our wedding cake from the favorite bakery in my hometown. I have my dress (yay!) and my bridesmaids' dresses (in black) are ordered. I have an appointment for my hair & make-up on the day of the wedding. Our guest list is just about finalized. We are 99% decided on our invitations - almost ready to place the order. We have booked the restaurant for our rehearsal dinner. A block of rooms have been set aside for our out-of-town guests. We have an awesome DJ lined up and a fabulous photographer. We booked our flights & hotels for the honeymoon(!!!).

Still need to figure out exact flower decor, my jewelry & other accessories, the bridesmaids' jewelry & other accessories, a flowergirl dress, exact tux choices, ceremony musicians, a guestbook, wedding night accomodations for us, seating arrangements, table #s, place cards, ceremony decorations (?), engagement photo shoot, postage, wedding programs, wedding bands, and all sorts of gifts/favors/welcome bags! Am I forgetting anything? I'm sure I am. Oh yeah, writing our ceremony from scratch!

Thank goodness for the With this String, I Thee Wed forum on Ravelry - it is keeping me sane, as well as entertained. Thank you ladies!


Little Pumpkin Hat

I am so proud. When I actually put my mind to it and have the time, I can finish a knitting project. Here it is - the Little Pumpkin Hat from Itty-Bitty Hats. (Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran - US7 needles)

little pumpkin

Being a passenger, rather than the driver on a road trip made all the difference in the world. I started this hat on Friday and was done with it when we got back home on Sunday. YAY! I think it is the bee's knees. So cute! And easy & quick, too! I loved it without the leaf, but once the leaf was attached, I loved it 10 times more. Look how cute!


The road trip was a surprise visit to my parent's for my mom's 70th (!) birthday party. My dad is so cute - he had some tricks up his sleeve and mom never knew that he had planned a surprise party in addition to her surprise visitors. It was a lot of fun!

happy 70th, mom

Other than knitting and celebrating, we played Wii all weekend. All I can say is OUCH! I boxed like there was no tomorrow and was in pain for the next 3 days. But now Matt & I want a Wii of our own. So. Much. Fun!!

Wii action!


orange & green yarn

I bought some yarn a few months ago to knit Little Pumpkin from Itty-Bitty Hats. This book has so, so many cute baby hats.

knit a pumpkin

I will be a passenger on a little road trip this weekend. So, I am really hoping to get in some knitting time. Of course, I do have other projects that I should probably work on instead. But I feel like giving this pattern a go. It is so cute and I am hoping that it won't take too terribly long.


2008 is here!

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for your kind thoughts about Daisy.

Here's a holiday recap:
mmmmmm ... mexican coke

Christmas Eve Eve with Matt's family was a total blast. We had Mexi-Coke and I even got to knit!

slowly, slowly said the sloth

Want a great idea for a Christmas present for a cool kid? A harmonica! Just ask their mom! That's right - Matt & I had the brilliant idea to give harmonicas to Holly's 3 boys for Christmas. Highlight of the day: 3 cute boys dancing around in a circle while jamming on their harmonicas!

best present ever

I didn't get a harmonica. But guess what I did get?! A sewing machine + sewing lessons!!! I am super excited about this. I have been wanting to learn how to sew for a while. YAY! (Thanks, Matt - you are the best!)

We spent New Year's Eve with Mel & Barb. They came over to our place for some wine & apps. And then we headed to a restaurant near our house. It was a pleasant evening ... good company. Right after ringing in the new year, we headed home. Pretty low key, but nice. It snowed all night long and I was so happy to see everything blanketed in white when I woke up. Didn't think to bust out the camera until way later in the day.

Things got really busy right before Christmas, so we didn't quite get around to making all the cookies that we had planned on. So, we spent New Year's Day in PJs making cookies, playing Rummikub and catching up on the DVR!

vino rollin'
Who needs a rolling pin!?!?!? Best idea of 2008, so far!

We made some delicious treats to share with our neighbors ... Chocolate-Espresso Snowcaps (with actual coffee), Peppermint Bark and Gingerbread trees.

new years treats

This year promises to be a very exciting one, filled with vows and wedding cake and a honeymoon. I can't wait to make Matt my mister!