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So, was it just me or were the Oscars kind of boring this year? John Stewart was funny, but not hilarious. I hadn't seen most of the nominated films, so that could have been part of the problem. And the ones that I had seen - didn't win. (Except for Diablo Cody - YAY!)


What was the deal with, like, ten songs from Enchanted being nominated and they were all CRAP!? The Moldy Peaches - now there is a quality, Oscar worthy song-writing team! Just for the record, I loved Juno. And Persepolis was fantastic! Go see them both, if you haven't already.


Matt made some delicious cheese fondue for the occassion. Barb & Mel came over. We had some adult beverages. We all did some knitting. So, it was a fun evening, nonetheless.



Yesterday evening we had a library bash/going away party for TracyB. She is moving up to the Great White North. Work just isn't going to be the same without her. Since she is a sock knitter and I refuse to cramp my hands up with needles that small ... I bought her some Smooshy sock yarn. I think it is so pretty. Here she is cradling her new yarn, like a baby.

If you look closely, you can see that she is also sporting her new Tangled Yoke cardigan from IK. Way to go! I am jealous ... one of these days I will knit a sweater. Maybe once I am married.

Wanna see more sweets? Matt bought us a yummy Valentine treat to share. YUMMMMM!


Sweets for the sweet

The past few weeks has been all about sweet things!

cyrus bread
HollyB passed along some Amish Friendship bread. It kind of scared me, as it took on a life of its own in our kitchen. Expanding and moving across the counter. I don't really understand why something with milk in it can sit out on the counter for 10 days. I think Matt wanted me to throw it away ... but I stuck with it. It was UGLY, but delicious! Mine collapsed in the center. Oh well - my co-workers gobbled it up anyway!

ugly but delicious

We have had 2 wedding showers, too. We are so thankful for all of our wonderful family and friends. They are so supportive and generous.
mmmmm cake
Look at us ... we are sweet & delicious!

And when you have a wedding shower ~ of course you get to have yummy cake and chocolate covered strawberries. Aren't those bride & grooms adorable?!
more cake

And the sweetest thing of all ... my sweetie got a sweet new job! He started on Monday -working only 5 minutes from home. No more telecommuting = SWEET!