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Adventures of a Bride-to-Be - Vol. 1

We have had 2 wedding showers in the past 2 weeks. They were both lovely and it is so touching to be surrounded by your friends, family, co-workers & loved ones. : )

In travelling to one of these showers (about 2 hours away), I had my most stereotypical "crazy" bride moment. Matt & I had both worked long days at our respective libraries, met up with friends for dinner and a movie afterward, and then made the 2 hr. drive to Matt's mom's house (the night before the shower). It was was about half past midnight when we arrived, so we were brushing our teeth and getting ready for bed when it struck me. I had forgotten my clothes for the shower!!!! They were hanging on hangers in the doorway back at home. It made total sense to me that the solution was to drive back home to get them. Matt did the logical thing and offered up some alternate solutions ("we can go to Target in the morning before the shower" or "Meijer is open 24 hours"). And while those ideas had crossed my mind too - I just knew I would not feel comfortable in anything other than my own clothes. And I had little confidence that I could find something that a) I liked, b) that fit and c) that was season-appropriate at Target. They have cute stuff - but I can't pull off a sun dress when snow is still on the ground here. So, we did it - we got in the car just before 1am and made the drive home. Matt was completely supportive and even put up with my singing along to Prince on the ride home. We got into bed around 3am, slept for 4 hours, got ready, and then made the 2 hour drive again to attend our shower. Now if that doesn't prove what a fabulous future husband Matt is, then I don't know what will. I am so lucky! And a little crazy, too.

in my own clothes!!

My co-workers threw us a shower at the library. Someone decided it needed to be a "white trash" shower. I was threatened with the Toilet Paper Bride game, but it didn't happen. It was a very nice shower, but a few people got into the theme with their gifts ... a white trashcan, white trashbags, a CD compilation of country love songs, a Nascar romance novel and this ...

No, a cheese grater is not trashy at all! But check out that garter on that grater! AWESOME!

We are almost at the 2 month mark. We are checking things off our list at a nice pace. I think we are in pretty good shape. Although, I am also sure that the next few months are going to be fairly hectic! On Sunday, Stacie, Cyndi & Mel came over to help us assemble our invites. It was a huge help and we got them done in about 2 hours! Can't wait to put them in the mail soon.

my bridesmaids & me