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Adventures of a Bride-to-Be - Vol. 2

Oh my goodness - I can't believe it has been a month since the last blog post. Time is flying by!! We are having a ton of fun planning this wedding. We are so excited about our venue and our flowers and our honeymoon!!

I have to say that there is so much bridal TRASH out there. I was totally grossed out on so many occassions. Thongs with "Bride" in blue rhinestones, lacy parasols, ugly cake toppers - the TRASH is endless in the wedding industry. I just don't get it! Check out the crap we found in Michaels! Who is buying this?

showing off my bridal trash

We have had a few frustrating moments. Like when I was out looking for invitations for the rehearsal dinner - they were all ugly and made in China. Or they were nice but cost a ton of money!!! We ended up ordering paper and envelopes from Paper Source and buying ribbon from JoAnn's to make our own. And how hard should it be to find a nice guestbook pen?!? One without a cheesy feather attached to the end? Ugh!

And what the $&*% is this???? Awful.


Not too much longer now!!!!

future wife

future husband