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I voted.

Yes, I did. And yes, I am proud. I have been sporting my sticker all day. We got in line @ 6:45a and we were done around 8:15a. Not a bad way to start my day. Let's hope that watching the poll results tonight is a good way to end my night.

If you haven't voted yet - you still have time! The polls are open until 8:00p in Michigan. Get your "I Voted" sticker and then go get a free coffee from Starbucks.


Blogger Matt Church said...

Barack the vote!

November 04, 2008 8:09 PM

Anonymous Stacey said...

I'm a Barack and Rolla.

Hee. What a dork I am.

November 05, 2008 2:24 AM

Blogger tracyb said...

We did it! We did it! I wish I could celebrate with the BML! I'm standing proud and wearing my Obama Mama tee-shirt today!

November 05, 2008 7:30 AM

Blogger Sourire11 said...

Yeah for a Blue Ohio & a Blue Michigan!

November 05, 2008 3:02 PM

Blogger Holly Bee said...

Heck, a whole blue Middle Mid-West!!

November 05, 2008 3:58 PM


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