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Happy New Year!

Another month has flown by ... wow! Life is just too busy. December was full of fun events - Mel's birthday, Noel Night, holiday parties with our friends & new neighbors. Did I mention we got a foot of snow?

Did I mention that we purchased a snowblower the next day? ; )

I hope everyone had wonderful holiday celebrations. Our first Christmas was very nice. We spent a few days hopping from place to place to get in all of our visits. We were especially excited to see Jessica & Kevin (they were in town from NC) - we miss them very much!

I was happy that we got to spend Christmas morning in our new house together. We exchanged gifts and made Belgian waffles for breakfast. Then we played a little Wii before heading out in the afternoon to another family gathering.

It was a fun holiday season, but on Saturday I came down with the stomach flu, right in the middle of a party (total bummer). I guess it was my turn, as it was a sicky holiday for our families. Jessica had strep throat. My parents, my brother, our niece and Matt's dad all had the flu at some point either before, during or after Christmas. And now Matt is sick. So, we will spend our first New Year's Eve at home - it will be quiet, but we will make it fun. Hope yours is a safe & happy night.


Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen

This Thanksgiving, I was thankful for ...

a haircut

In the process of growing "wedding hair," I decided that I could probably get it long enough to donate. So, 6 months after the wedding it was finally time to hack it off. Long hair is great and all, but I was wearing it in a ponytail almost every day. That is always a sign to me that it is time for a hair cut.

My donation ponytail was about 10 inches long, but we probably cut off about 13 inches in total. The hair will be sent to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, who use the hair donations to create free wigs for women with cancer.

Did you know that it takes 6 ponytails to make 1 wig?