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Doll Quilt in the works

I have been working on my doll quilt using the tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew. I am so happy that I took on this project! I am learning a lot as I go and quilting on a smaller scale is the perfect way for me to figure out how it all works. I should have been taking pictures all along to show you my progress, but this is the only picture I have.

At this point I had pieced together each row, but I hadn't sewn the rows together yet or added the sides, top and bottom pieces. In the meantime, I basted it and then free motion quilted. I watched a few online videos of free motion quilting and stippling and made some sandwiches to practice on. I was nervous about ruining my quilt, but after some practice I got more comfortable decided to just go for it! Last night, I cut the fabric for my binding, so I am in the home stretch.

In order to complete this little project, I had to acquire some new tools in additional to my new skills ... an acrylic ruler, a rotary cutter and a darning foot. It is so fun to acquire new tools, especially when they make life so much easier.

I love this rotary cutter ... it is my very last minute entry for Heather Bailey's March of the Tools.

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A ballband bib & my first apron

It is kind of embarrassing how long I have been working on this (I think I started it back in July), but at long last, I present to you the Ballband Bib in blue, green and yellow ...

When I started this project, I didn't know if the recipient would be a boy or a girl. The knitting part was actually completed about a month ago, but the bib still needed a button, which had to wait until the baby was born. My friends had a girl and named her Clementine, so I promptly went to the store and found an orange-colored daisy button to complete
this project.

I have actually been spending more time thinking about sewing lately. I have buying a little bit of fabric. And finding good sewing blogs to read. And interloaning sewing books through the library. And thinking about projects that I'd like to do someday. Since I am a total novice, I have to be realistic when I look at all the patterns and possibilities. I figured an apron might be a good second project for me. So, I made the Psychedelic Squares apron from A is for Apron. Wanna see?

Now I am thinking about tackling the fat quarter doll quilt from Sew, Mama, Sew! I figure that it will be a good way to learn how to quilt ... FUN!